Facebook Fan Page – Part of Your Overall Plan?

Facebook Fan Page – Part of Your Overall Plan?


Is Facebook part of your overall plan in

internet marketing?  There have been many

ways suggested on how to use Facebook but

as the same time, there have been ways

that have gotten many marketers band

from being on Facebook.  Perhaps, the proper

approach might be to use Facebook for

it intended use and that is to use it as

a social medium and for you to meet and

make friends rather than trying the hard

selling approach.



The use of Facebook is likened to being with

your friends at a party and enjoying conversing

with them and learning newer and wider things

about these people than you knew before.  In

other words, just getting to know them better

and enjoying them as good friends.



Taking this approach to being friends

and learning to know them better and

learning to trust them as individuals,

might be the best lesson in marketing

that you will ever have.



A few things that might help in using

Facebook as a “tool” in your overall

marketing approach might be:

1) Show these people you are human

Show a picture of yourself possibly

with you wearing something that

depicts your logo or products.

2) This might be the place to show

some of your personal pictures, videos

and give  some education as to how

you have done things, so they might

be able to duplicate.

3) If you have written something, ask

your Facebook friends to share your

content with others.

4) Don’t try to be a profession on Facebook

but rather just try to be you with all your

own frailties.  People will like you because

you are you and not someone you are not.

Just be human.



Facebook is one of the most read material

in the world with membership in the early

billions.  It is a whole different way of

communicating.  Instantly and with people

literally all over the WORLD.

Use it often but use it wisely.



Facebook Fan Page – Part of Your Overall Plan?

It certainly should be.

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