Life is really what you make of it.

Life is what you make of it.



I have been thinking about why I am blogging

and the reasons I like to communicate

with you.  It is a good outlet for me to voice

my dreams and aspirations and really what I

am looking to get out of life and what that life

has given me.



Fortunately, I  learned some time ago that most

of the problems that I was dealing with was my

own doing even though it was easy to “try to

blame” the problems on other situations or other



Darren Hardy expresses it better than I can express it:

“Many of our problems are simply symptoms, or outcomes,

of the problem.  The cause of the problem is YOU – and this

is probably one of the most sobering understandings you can

reach as you work toward your stated goals.    You don’t get in

life what you want; you get in life what your are.  You will only

have the level of success in any area of your life that equals your

level of self-worth.  But the human tendency is to engage in the

study of effects, while giving little attention to the cause.  The first

step to changing the trajectory of your life, as well as what you

achieve and sustain, is to take complete responsibility for your

circumstances today.”


We seem to hear this same idea over and over but it is much

easier said than done.  But as you attempt to absorb this thinking

and give it a lot of thought, you can save lots of time and money

with the therapist by working this through on a day to day basis.

Give yourself the advantage of knowing that the person on the

other end will just be of better model than the old and will be more

comfortable even in the same old shoes.  Write things down and

rewrite them until they make sense and allows you the feeling of

merging dreaming with reality.  The dream can become the reality

if you work at it and find that “something” that gives you the

chance to be that person you always knew you could be.

Allow yourself the comfort of being that person and keep the

nay sayers outside on the porch.



Find that niche or find that particular environment that will

allow you to hitch your wagon to that star and never look back.

You can still have that balance in your life.



Darren Hardy again says it best:

“now is the time to write the script for the life you have always dreamed of having—the health, the relationships, the thriving business, the financial abundance and freedom, and the knowledge that you are making a significant difference in the world and with the people around you. You can have it all, but it will require you to get serious and relinquish the fantasies that debt fairies will leave a stack of cash under your pillow while you sleep or that the Easter Bunny will bring you miracle diet chocolate, or that you can click your heels and your relationships will all be better. It will take rigorous planning, relentless commitment and steadfast dedication. That is why success is reserved for the willing few.”


Just totally remember this:  there is absolutely no reason why you can’t achieve a level

of success if you realize how individuals like Tony Rush, Tracey Walker, Chuck Marshall

have made such a big impact in there niche.   They are the first to admit, they are no

smarter or more privileged but just had the DESIRE to do what it took until they

made it.  You can too!



Life is really what you make of it.

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