Are you up to it?

Are you up to it?




Day after day, we hear stories of those who did and

those who didn’t.  Are you one of the ones who did?

When we look at the results of what some members

have done with a program that just began a year ago,

then we realize that we can do it also.  What makes

some excel while others just can’t do anything  even

though they both started at ground zero.  Why do some

make so much money in their quests while others continue

to wonder why I can’t do this at all.



Am I doing something wrong, am I using the wrong approach,

am I working with the wrong leader or am I dong something

else that just keeps me from having the same success as the

others seem to be having.  What is it?  What is it that keeps

me from making that kind of money while others seem to

have money rolling in each day.  Is it me?  Am I not working

hard enough or what is it?



I was working very hard and spending a lot of hours looking over

the parts of the program that I felt I needed to read and reread

just to find out what to do.  Then I realized that I really did not

have a written or mental plan to follow.  I needed  certain steps

in which to map out where I was going and how I was going to

get there.



Once I had a written plan in which to proceed, then I could

see where I had been and where I was going.  I needed to:

1) decide that I was not going to quit if it seemed to get harder.

2) decide to follow the steps of my upline because he/she were

successful because of what they had already done.

3) paid attention to the system and have faith in the already

proven system and not feel that “my system” was going

to work better.  (this doesn’t mean you can’t tweak certain

areas to fit your make up)

4) continue to follow the updates and ideas that the leaders

have found to be more constructive than the original.

5) pay attention to why other members are successful and

attempt to emulate what they are doing.



I have worked with the philosophy that you use

persistent consistency – don’t let the little things

interrupt your big picture.



“You must have long range goals to keep from

being frustrated by short-term failures.”

Bob Bales



Are you up to it?  If I can do it, so can you.

Just take that philosophy!

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