Showcase of Success

Showcase of Success



What is it that keeps us going and keeps us trying to

find that particular program  or company that will give

us the success that we desire and that we have been looking

for for such a long period of time?   Is it our own tenacity

or is it our own fearfulness that drives us or possibly a

combination of both?



Are we looking for that company to give us the

ability to earn a decent living as well as the potential

at becoming financially independent?   Are we looking

to find something that will allow us to make our own

hours, allow us to take those vacations that we never

could before because of money or lack of time, or are

we looking for something to replace the job that we

lost because of the economy or some other reason?

Have we lost our ability to dream, dream for something

that we can touch and have it become a reality.  Do you

feel you don’t have the ability or the smarts to get into

this kind of program, well think again because there are

many who thought this in the past and now are only

frustrated because they didn’t get in earlier.



How about a program that essentially is given to

you on a platter, that the only thing you have to

do is follow some simple steps.   You don’t have to

be a computer whiz, know how to set up a website

or even a pay sight because this is done for you.

Don’t get me wrong, there is work involved at first,

but what doesn’t require work when the efforts are

so rewarding.



We listen to the attributes of this program or that

program and continue to wonder, which one is the

best fit for me and why?   Why am I looking in the

first place?   Am I looking for a program that is

easy and takes little work to work it(usually

a total myth) or am I looking for a program that

can give me a long term financial reward with

work on the front end but long term security on

the other end with the ability to set my own hours.



For me, the choice would be simple in picking

a program.  I would like to have the following be

part of my program that I would choose:

1) ability to make money as you’re learning the process.

2) a good training process, organized and up to date.

3) a good system in place that allows you to hook up

into the system with little effort.

4) excellent leadership – individuals that walk the

process right along with you and have the

experience to lead.

5) a program that allows you to have immediate as

well as residual income (income coming in even

when you not working).

6) a membership that is enthusiastic and actively

involved with the learning process of the other

members.  Where there is an atmosphere of

helping the other members rather than a theater

of competition amongst members.



“The successful man is one who had a choice

and took it”.

Roger Babson



Showcase of Success

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