Power of a Dream

Power of a Dream



This story is a very good example of never giving up

on your dreams.   When people share their goals or

dreams with you, do you help them by sharing in

their dreams or do you try to bring them back to reality.



A friend of mine, Robin Cooke shares this story with us.

In his book, The Man Who Listens to Horses (Ballantine),

famed horse trainer Money Roberts tells about the time

one of his teachers in high school assigned a paper called

“My goals in Life.”   The teacher, Mr. Fowler, was interested

only in practical goals – not fantasies about going to Hollywood

to become a movie star, and the like.   But young Monty had a

serious dream.  The son of a horse trainer, he longed to own a

thoroughbred racehorse facility.  Monty turned in a detailed

plan to achieve his dream.



Mr. Fowler returned his paper with a failing grade.  “It’s a

wild, unattainable dream,” he told the teen.  “I know your

family and background; it would not be possible.”  He

insisted Monty rewrite the paper.



The next day, after talking with his mother, Monty returned his

original paper to Mr. Fowler.  He included a note saying he

believed in his plan and the teacher shouldn’t limit his aspirations.

Mr. Fowler didn’t respond at the time, but Monty got an A in the




Monty ultimately achieved his dream through hard work and

determination.  Many years later, he received a call from Mr.

Fowler, who wanted to arrange a tour of Monty’s stables for

his church group.



After the tour, Mr. Fowler told the group about the term

paper and the note Monty had written.  “There was a time

when I told Monty that this was unattainable,” he said.

“Now we’ve all had a good look around and have seen how

he proved me wrong.”  His student, he said, had taught

him “the most valuable lesson I ever learned.”



When people share their goals with you, do you help

them launch their dreams – or try to bring them back

to Earth?



This valuable lesson could be apply applied to your

own aspirations in whatever venture you have set

out to undertake.  Internet marketing is an area

that many people have tried but have failed because

they let the nay sayers get the best of them.  They

didn’t write down their goals on paper rather than

just keeping the goals in their head.  They needed

that strong conviction to allow their energy and

vision to guide them to the heights they knew they

could attain.



So much of a literal dream can come true if one has

the persistence, energy and the vision to work it

through and not let the “little” things get in the way.



Many of the real successful individuals will tell of

their trials and errors, but that persistence carried

them to the point of reaching their goals.    Don’t tell

David Wood or David Sharpe that they couldn’t do

what they are doing or don’t tell Lawrence Tam that

he couldn’t make over $100,000 a month part time or

don’t tell Chuck Marshall that he could go from making

$40,000 a year to making more than that each month.



These are people, just like you and me, common people with

common backgrounds that have decided to make their

dreams come true.  They decided to work a little harder

right out of the gates that would allow them they type

of life that they only dreamed about in the beginning but

then realized that it was attainable.  They set their own

hours because they don’t have a job, they have a life.

They take the type of vacations they dreamed about

because they can be paid while on vacation.  Is this for

you?   Only you can tell me that.  Let your dreams be

part of your life.



Power of a Dream – Why not?

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