Chicken or the Egg?

Chicken or the Egg?



When we get into the home based business or

any business that deals with selling things over

the internet or from the internet, we have to decide

what do we do first?   In other words, do we get

into affiliate marketing first and then get into the

actual selling of something over the internet.



Affiliate marketing means that you sell the marketing

tools of an already established company or even a new

company as opposed to selling the actual goods of a




Companies like Magnetic Sponsoring, Empower Network,

MLSP and other companies that don’t actually sell goods like

juices, jewelry or health materials but rather sell you the

different tools that allows you to understand the process of

marketing and and in turn be able to sell these tools to other

marketers .



This has been an argument since the internet began and it was

there long before this marketing on the internet.   Which is the

best way to begin your quest for becoming successful on the internet?

There are good arguments on both sides to consider because both

of them have been successful for many of the existing marketers.



The real success in the last few years has been in the area of how do

you attract the major prospects and have them become long term

customers or colleagues for a longer period of time.  This is called

attraction marketing and is at the base of most of the successful

programs that are out there.  In fact, I would be skeptical of any

program that did not emphasis this approach.  Mike Dillard, in his

research and his own education of learning the process of getting

and retaining people into a legitimate program, realized just how

important the attraction marketing aspect of prospecting turned

out to be.  He has become one of the standouts of the internet.



This still doesn’t suggest which is the best way to undertake a

home based business, finding and using the tools or finding

a company that has a very good reputation or has good products

or a combination of the two.  I would guess that having a company

that has not only has a good product or products and has a very good

system set up to allow you to duplicate its process, would be the

ideal company to be associated with.



On the other hand, if you are new to this process, then I would think

beginning with a company that introduces you to the tools and a

system that has most of the difficult process all set up for you, might

just be the way to begin your adventure into the internet marketing

arena.  Then you would be in a better position  to venture out later into

the whole internet marketing arena equipped with the knowledge and

understanding to pick a company that is a good fit for you.



Chicken or the Egg?  – You have some very good choices.

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