Convictions – Is it enough?






Convictions – Is it enough?


You don’t have to see this in English to truly

understand the power of this video. As was said

in the video, if you have the conviction, you

can do anything you put your heart and mind to.



We have been given a great deal of material

to digest in the internet marketing arena and

each time what comes up is the conviction or the

will to do something and do it well.    How do you

follow your dreams?   By following someone who has

been successful and has the ability to show you his or

her system that has allowed them to become a success.



There are many successful individuals in the internet

marketing arena and if you can following their program

or ideas, then it makes sense that you can also become

successful.  But one thing that stands out and becomes

apparent, is ones mental attitude and toughness.  One

calls it persistent consistency or a real stick-to-it attitude

to make your niche in this comforting format.



Tim Sales comes to mind when you realize his absolute

mental toughness and absorbing ability to explain just

what internet marketing is and why he is so much

involved with it for so many years.    He is a former

Navy Seal who disconnected wired bombs.  When I

listened to him in Las Vegas at the No Excuses II program,

he had such an ability to put things in such good perspective.

One of his understandable explanations was the reason behind his

“methods” as opposed to having a ” job”.  People would

explain why they didn’t like MLM but would rather have

a “job”.  Tim’s explanation was to show that in essence he

would rather recruit people to work with him rather than

have people work for him.  His ability to relate to people and

have them understand his uncanny enthusiasm for his “line

of work”.  He can go to the movies in the afternoon and play

golf when he wants to rather when he has to.



Working with people like Mike Dillard, Tim Elway,Dave Wood

and Dave Sharpe, Ray Higdon, Jordan Schultz, Adam Chandler,

and other like minded entrepreneurs  in the internet arena is

very much of a pleasure rather than a real “job”.   You continually

have challenges that you can solve by working together rather

than in competition with one other.  Just think outside the ordinary.



Convictions – Is that enough?  That’s up to you!

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