Believe it – and there is no stopping YOU!

Believe it – and there is no stopping YOU!



A very refreshing video with Mike Watts. He

explains just how important you might be in

your effects on other people and that you

just might have that inspiration inside of you

that takes you to the next level.



Too many of us have that tendency to stop

short of what we can accomplish in our work

and in our lifetimes.  We look at the glass

being half empty rather than half full.  We

don’t fully understand that we have the ability

to influence other people in a variety of

ways, if we just take the time and effort to

begin our journey.



Jim Rohn was influenced by his mentor, Tony

Robbins was influenced by his mentor, Napoleon

Hill was influenced by his mentor and the list

goes on and on.  Frank Kern was influenced

by Tony Robbins, after living a life of drugs

and alcohol, he became a great mentor for

many of the internet marketing successful.



It shows that many of us truly do not know what

our capabilities are until we sincerely try

putting our hats into the ring and not letting

anything, and I mean anything, detour us

from our goals.   It has been said that when

you write your goals down on a piece of

paper and look at them everyday, that the

chances of obtaining these goals is increased

10 fold to 100 fold.



Mark Hoverson, David Sharpe, Mike

Dillard, Tony Rush and even Jim Rohn

came from meager means before they

realized that believing in themselves

and setting their own goals was well

within their reach IF they had the

capacity to believe and not give up.



You don’t try something for a few days

and then realize that this was harder than

you thought or was going to take longer

than you felt it should.  You dig in and

change your life to a much better attitude

of:  if all these other people can do it,

there is no reason that I can’t do it.



You just have to believe in something

strongly enough that you are not going

to let anything stand in your way.   Your

going to set you goals, write them down

and refine them on a regular basis, but

you are not going to let ANYTHING

stand in your way of getting to where

you need to get to be that successful




It all starts with a dream and a constant

reminder that you can do it and you will

do it.  If these other people can do it and

be successful, there is no reason why

you can’t do it also.  You might say, “I

can’t possibly do it”  – well you really

don’t know until you try it.  Be true

to yourself and give yourself that great

feeling of accomplishment that you can

do it and be right up amongst these

other folks that thought at first, there

is no way.



Believe in yourself strongly enough and

there is no stopping you.



Believe it – and there is no stopping YOU!


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