Triangle of Action

Triangle of Action



An excellent, nine minute long, simple

interpretation of how things work when

deciding what you want to do and how

interested you are in doing it.



This is the type of decision that many of

us have to make and should make when

we are embarking on any successful

endeavor or career, especially the home

based business arena.



Andrew Carnegie, one of the richest men in

the world during his lifetime, arrived in the United

States from Scotland as a boy with only pennies

in his pocket.  He developed his ideas of what a

successful business model should be and passed

it on to Napoleon Hill when Hill was himself a boy.



The wisdom passed on by Carnegie is the basis

for many successful businesses and Hill has

written his excellent book detailing Carnegie’s




We could go into the details of the book, but

that really is not the reason for this blog.

It is more of the related ideas of what we

need to do if we are to truly undertake

internet marketing as a profession.



Napoleon Hill wrote his book, Think

and Grow Rich in 1937 but the principles

still hold true today as well as anytime in

the future.



In the book, it is explained thoroughly

the need to have:

1) a white hot burning desire

2) faith – or belief, which is considered

the most powerful force on earth

3) the need for principle of action or

a strong decision.



As Johnson suggests, you must have faith

before you act, belief precedes all action and

action feeds the desire.  So the strength of the

triangle is demonstrated by the use of desire,

faith and action.



You might say that you really cannot display

or have this type of dedication to your business.

Can it be learned or obtained by simply deciding

that you are going to do it or is it something that

will take some process of understanding before

you might see some progress.  I think that this

is a conversation that you will have to have with

yourself and take a hard look at what you are

capable of.  It is my opinion, as well as many

other individuals, that if you truly want something

badly enough and are willing to work on yourself,

you will find a way to accomplish your desire.



When and only when you decide that this is the

route that you want and possibly need to take,

then there is no reason why it cannot be done.

Just look at the successful people in the home

based internet businesses that have taken that

leap of faith and have risen above their surroundings

and accomplished a dream that they set out to do.



Tony Rush, Dave Wood, Dave Sharpe, Mark Hoverson,

Mike Dillard and Jordan Schultz are all very successful

entrepreneurs that just decided to take that leap and do

something with their lives and become, through that

desire, faith and action to be someone and somebody.



So can you, if you really desire to do what is necessary!


Triangle of Action – Desire, Faith and Action


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