Success – Are You Ready?






Success – Are You Ready?


A very different video from Jonathan Budd but

one that after watching and listening to,  you

realize that he has something very important

to say.   It is hard at first to wonder if he has

decided to change course in his “full of steam”

approach to internet marketing.



Jonathan Budd is one of the most successful

entrepreneurs that this business has seen and

in a relatively short period of time.  He lived

in his parent’s basement after finishing college,

without an idea of what he was going to do.  He

dabbled in many things on line and became very

good in a relatively short period of time.  He

made close to $15 million in four years because he

has such great vision and such great energy to

take the bull by the horns and run with it.



J. Budd is one home based entrepreneur who

has set the standard as to where you would

like to be in the home based arena.  Are you

going to get there?,  probably not, but at least

he can give you the history of how he has gotten

to where he is today.



With this video, he gives you his present feelings of

understanding as to where he is in his thinking and

where he would like to be during and after his many

successes.  That doesn’t mean he is going to change

his success, it just means that he is going to take a

different approach.  One of looking at his mental

comfort, his ability to be and not always have to be.



David Wood, with his ADD shows you what ability

he has to accomplish what he has, but he also explains

the struggles he has gone through to get where he is

and that along with David Sharpe how much they have

accomplished in their internet marketing pursuits.



David Wood also explains that he now works only about

2 hours during the day to accomplish what he does because

he has set things up with such a system, that much of it

can run on auto pilot.



In this whole arena of who do you follow and who do

you emulate, that is entirely your choice, as there are

many very good programs out there that allow you to

succeed.  But each and every good one will explain to

you in capital letters, that it will take work at first to

allow yourself to have a program that can eventually

be run on auto pilot with normal updated maintenance.



Is there work involved? , sure there is and if there is a

program out there that says you don’t have to do anything

but sit on the couch and watch the money roll in, is just

plain lying.  No program worth it content, is going to tell

you that you don’t have to put any effort into it.  But it

is after this effort that allows you the fruits of your labor

and can be put mostly on auto pilot.



Eric Worre, Jonathan Budd, David Wood, David Sharpe,

and Mike Dillard will all tell you that there is work at first

but the rewards are well, well worth the effort and then




Just don’t come into this arena and think it is full of

candy and roses without some effort, as you will be

extremely disappointed but coming into this arena

with an understanding of the effort necessary, then

you will be extremely ready for a very successful path.



Success – Are You Ready?  There is absolutely

no reason why you can’t join.

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