What’s Next?


What’s Next?

Whether or not you are a fan of this

kind of music, it makes no difference

as it shows what creative talent can

do when a group of people come together

to literally “make music”!



You cannot help but to put this into a bigger

perspective and realize just what might be

possible when people come together to not

only do this but imagine the bigger picture

and realize what the mind can perceive the

mind can achieve.



This is what makes the creativity, in the use of

the internet, such amazing vehicle. The

unbelievable inheritance of the internet gives

one the feeling of infinity, that anything is

possible, that we can take the internet and

create almost anything that we can perceive.



Eric Whitacre explains from where he came from

and how he happened to realize just how powerful

the internet could be in his creation of a virtual

choir put together with people from all over the

world. This type of “togetherness” overshadows

the problems that are going on in all parts of the

world, at least for the moment, when you are

watching and listening to this music (again even

though your music might be rap or R & B) that

was created from voices that are from all parts

of the world.



The strength of this vision and the possibilities that

exist, seem limitless.   Just think of the computer

and the internet in its infancy and the thought that

you might be able to communicate with people

anywhere in the world.  This was almost unheard of

and many people would just scoff at any idea of

communicating with people and many people at the

same time with a device that looked like a over hyped

typewriter that allowed you to see people at the other




Then you get into the ability of using the computer

and the internet to not only communicate with people

all over the world, but have the ability to buy and sell

something of value with these same individuals.



What’s next, only our imaginations will give us a

hint.   We will look back at this stage of our lives

and mull over the fact that what the mind will

perceive, the mind will achieve. Stick around,

you won’t believe what is in store for you.


What’s Next? Stick around, you won’t believe it!


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