Blogging – What the……

Blogging – What the…….


Many of us have been introduced to blogging, but at the same

time,  many of us had no idea what blogging is and what it is for.

If you have been on the internet for any period of time, you

realize that “blogging” has been  taken for granted and is one

of those gray areas that people just write what they think

right off the top of their heads.  My introduction was in the

sports field and I just thought it was a way for some

people to get something off their shoulders in a few choice

words and or a very short sentences.   Little did I know that

blogging was such a force in many fields especially with the

advent of the internet having such a big influence in business.



In a video interview, Seth Godin, probably one of the best

bloggers and marketers on the internet, suggested a few

things dealing with blogging.  He said that the goal of blogging,

in part, is to clarify one’s own thoughts rather than the

audience, at least at first.



Seth goes on to say that it doesn’t matter if anyone reads

your blog, what matters is the humility that comes from

writing it.   Thinking about what you are going to say –

explain yourself.  It forces you to explain, in a few sentences

why you did something.  It has become such a micro-

publishing platform that usually you are doing it for yourself –

to force yourself to become part of the conversation even if

it is only a small part.



Seth says that if you are good at blogging, people will read

your blog, if your not, keep at it and you’ll become good at it.



Passion for Customers with Tom Peters

Tom Peters, a well known author and management visionary, was

also interviewed along with Seth Godin and he says that  nothing

has been more important in his professional life in the last 15 years

than blogging.   It has changed his perspective, his intellectual outlook,

and changed his emotional outlook.  He goes so far as to say that blogging

is the best damn marketing tool by order of magnitude he has ever had.



Another observation was felt by Blanca Mejia in relation to the video,

that when Seth’s suggests that it doesn’t matter who reads it, she realized

that after one year, it was her greatest growth experience.  “Her voice had

become alive within herself”.



Here are ten lessons that Seth Godin can teach you about blogging:

1) blog, prune, experiment, repeat

2) blog once a day (sound familiar)

3) avoid comments and Twitter


a. he doesn’t do things he is not good at

b. he doesn’t allow comments on his blog


4) don’t watch TV or go to meetings


a. he uses this time to blog


5) ship, or else it doesn’t count


a. an attitude to ship means concentrate getting it ready

to ship and move to the next thing


6) write like you talk


7) notice things


a. use this material to write about or if not right away,

jot it down for later blogging


8) use you blog as a proving ground


a. he can share small ideas and if liked, write more detail later


9) make blog posts, not money


a. Seth resists that he has products or something to sell but

rather uses his blog for the love of it and might just have

some monetizing because of his blog, such as speaking events

and other activities


10) establish what motivates you to get out of bed


a. Seth feels blogging should be a passion and not a reason for

a full time income – so then if you do not have a passion –

it becomes a JOB.




You need a plan!!  You need to write out your goals.  What you

want or need to accomplished this year and by what date.  Seth

did not become a successful blogger right away, but he kept at it

and became one.



When you are beginning your blog, use these suggestions to help

you in your development of your blog.  You don’t have to be a

professional blogger to do well, just realize that you will become

much better as you continue to blog and see your own improvement.

Again, with any new adventure, you will need practice to become

good but you don’t have to be  a professional blogger, just one who is trying

to communicate your thoughts and feelings.



Empower Network uses a blogging platform to communicate with their

prospects and their members and it has become a very successful

mode of communication.  Even Ray Higdon, who does a lot of blogging,

says that he looks back at his early blogs and realized from which he came.



The platform set up by Empower Network has worked wonders for

many individuals who had never blogged before in their lives and are

doing great with this program.  Look over to the right and just click

on the video and it will show you just what it is all about.  A program

that can release yourself from the bondage of an 8-5 JOB or even

part time until you’re comfortable with your position.  To my

knowledge, there has never been a program on the internet  that

has been so easy or quick to catch on and so complete to get you

up and going.  Just take that peek.


Blogging – What the……a way to get at it and become

that successful person you know you can be Even without

any previous experience.


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