Blogging – One of the best tools the internet has to offer

Blogging – One of the best tools the internet has to offer.


Neil Patel is one of the most popular bloggers

on the internet and he has some very good points

that he shares to help in your own efforts to

blog.  Blogging for most of us is not an easy

assignment, especially when your are

first beginning.

blogging guide

Here are some of his ideas that he suggests to make your blogs

more appealing as well as more value filled.

1) use simple words – use words that a grade schooler might use and

understand not what a college professor might use.

2) write how to posts – write blogs  that teaches people something,

something that might be of value.

3) use the word you – this makes it feel like the blog is being sent just

to you, also try to keep it “you” rather than “them or we”.

4) hook your readers – make your blogs unique, useful, ultra specific,

and somewhat urgent.

5) write detailed posts – point out specific ideas or points rather than

being vague.

6) Create a conversation – ask questions and engage your reader and

ask for comments.

7) prove your points – make sure you have statistics or facts to back up

your ideas or points.

8) show your authority – there are many upon many blogs on the internet,

so why should you read this blog – show that you are an authority without

a lot of bragging.

9) have good topics – make sure you have good content so readers will

want to read your blog and continue to read your blogs.

10)  be consistent – learn to blog on a consistent basis, not only once in

a while or 2 or 3 times a week, then quit for a while and then start up

again.  Empower Network says that you should blog everyday to get

the best results.

11) timing of your blog posts – a good study shows that it is best to

blog in the morning (here I am blogging in the afternoon), as most

posts are read at this time of the day.

12) time you promotions – most bloggers are in the Eastern Time

Zone, so make sure you timing is done with EST.

13) ask your readers – ask your readers questions or take a survey

and ask them to comment on your blog.



Because of the blogs that Neil has written on a regular basis,

his ideas and suggestions should be well taken and then it

would be somewhat of a conclusion that so will your blogs

if you follow these suggestions.




Many well known writers as well as some of your best known

internet marketers use the blogging platform to make their

points as to what product is available or what information is

available for you to read.  I have pointed out in one of my

previous blogs that Tom Peters ( a well known author) says

that blogging is the best damn marketing tool by order of

magnitude he has ever had.



Empower Network uses the blogging platform to market

its excellent program and has had some very impressive

results with many of its members, most within a years time,

but with many of the members doing very well right out of

the gate.



EN started with about 30 members on Halloween of 2011

and now have over 60,000 members who realize just how

effective this program is and has become.  They pay their

members 100% commissions and have paid out over

$20 million to their members and still very much counting.



When is the best time to get in with this very successful

program?   If you couldn’t do it on October 31, 2011, then

right now is 2nd best time, for this company is headed no

where but up.   If you are at all interested in getting into

a home based business that pays this way and has become

extremely successful, you owe it to yourself to at least

take a peek and find out how things work.   For $25 you

can begin your quest into the home based business and

you might just be the next successful entrepreneur of

Empower Network.



Look over to the right and click on the video and see

what started it all.  You might even be able to quit

your JOB and do the special things that you have

always wanted to but just couldn’t find the time nor

the money.  With this economy not looking any better

any time soon, you might just find that this is your

niche and never look back.   It would be great to say

to you:  “Welcome to our niche and enjoy all the

benefits of that this company has to offer.”



To me, on of the best parts (and there are many) of

joining this company and program is the residual

income.  This is better than most retirement programs

by far because it allows you to accumulate money

when you are doing other things, like taking a vacation.



You may just decide that working in your pajamas might

be a great way to work and work when you wanted to

rather than listening to the alarm clock and hitting the

snooze button a couple of times before you have to get up and

have breakfast and then, head off to the commute.   You could

almost feel retired early and still make sure all your

bills are paid and have a lot of money left over at the

end of the month rather than the other way around.


Blogging – One of the best tools the internet has to offer.



Please let me know if this blog has helped you at all or

if you have any comments about the bog and its contents.

If you like it, please share it with others on any of the social

gatherings.     Thanks.

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