Talent – Learned or God Given?

Talent – Learned or God Given?







Why can’t I ever run into a group like this

and enjoy the wait at an airport. We all get

cancelled once in a while, but I have never

had the privilege to experience this kind of

entertainment, especially in the airport




I guess this goes along with the same old message,

why can’t I do this or why can’t I do that?  I guess

the answer has to come from you or me at to why

it always happens to someone else rather than you.




This seems to be a common denominator when action

is required to do something that is thought by others

to be outstanding or talented.  You might also think that

he just happened to be in the right place at the right time.




You might like Justin Bieber or you might dislike him and

his music.  He has a good voice and is admired by millions

of fans but he also had to work very hard to get to where

he is at.  Sure, he started with a good voice, but it was the

hard work that got him as far as he is in today’s market.



The same might be said for internet marketers and how

did you get to where you are at?  Did you just show up or

did you have to put a lot of effort and time into being the

“expert” and the individual that others look for because

of your success.  There are very few undertakings that you

don’t have to work hard to become successful.




We look at professional athletics and think that they just had

the talent in the first place to become successful.  There is no

question that it takes talent but it also takes a lot of hard work

to maintain the level of competition that is required.  Most of

us only see the results of their efforts and not the time and discipline

that was put into the training and the workouts that took

up a lot of time even before they stepped on the field of play.



Ann Sieg, who is a well known internet marketer and a very

successful one, will relate to you all the time and effort on her

part that was put into her efforts to become one of the best in

her field.  She had the desire, the dedication and the action that

it took to become successful.  It certainly was not overnight, but

when she set her sights on what she wanted to become, there

was no stopping her.



It is stories like this that really make you realize that with

a desire and an effort to do something, we all can do it if

we just set out sights onto something that we really want

and are willing to do what ever it takes to get there.  Your

background doesn’t matter, it is what is inside you that

really matters and how much desire you have to get to

that level of success.



David Wood and David Sharpe both came from backgrounds

of living in their vans and living on the streets to becoming

extremely successful but only because they had a dream.  A

dream of helping others get to where they are because of

where they came from.  They went through a lot of time and

effort to put together a program that has proven to be very

successful.  But they also went through many trials and many

errors before they reached a level that they thought might

be successful.



They both had a dream that they could become successful

in the internet marketing arena and help many others become

successful at the same time because of their efforts.

They got together with about 28 other people in a stuffy

hotel room (not a ball room, but just a stuffy room) to present

a plan for launching a program that would have a duplicatable

system, a good training for anyone, even newbies who had no

experience, a compensation plan that was far out the best in

any business because it pays out 100% commissions.



A year later, this program has 60,000 members, continues to

pay out 100% commissions, has paid out close to $22 million

and by any measure has just scratched the surface.  The

leadership of this company along with its very successful

members continue to upgrade their teachings because they

know to be successful you have to make sure your training

is also updated and your members are continuing to be up

to date.  Do you have to be an advanced student to understand

the material?   Not at all, but be able to be teachable.


You  don’t have to come into this program with a lot of money,

in fact all it takes to begin your journey and understand the

process is $25.  This allows you to see what the whole program is

all about and get started in understanding the process.  There are

also excellent trainings, done by both Dave and Dave, as well as many

of the successful members of the program that give you the nuts

and bolts of what internet marketing does and can do for you.



There are members that had never been successful at anything

they tired before on the internet, but have been able to become

very successful with this program because it is almost set up for

you not to do anything but succeed.  Desire, faith and action – just

some words that put together that can give you the vision and the

strength to do what others are doing – making a lot of money.


Talent – Learned or God Given?


Give me your feedback.  Did you like what was said?  Do you

agree or disagree.  Let me know and share with others.

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