The Uniqueness of David Wood

The Uniqueness of David Wood



I have included some material from David Wood, as one

of the developers of the Empower Network Program.

He can describe things sometimes in a way that

most of us can’t.  I have changed a few of the words

only to make it easier on some eyes.  He has a unique

way of defining some of the terms as well as giving you

an excellent way of understanding just exactly where

he is coming from.  Empower Network is one of the most

promising companies in the internet marketing arena

and has come upon the scene in the last 13 months with

a way of showing the whole marketing system that they

are here to stay and stay in a big way.


David Wood Recommends

I decided to update this page, for the first time in the last 3 years…


The one thing you’ll find about me is…. I’m consistent.

If I recommend something, it’s because:

1)  I use it personally.

2)  I’ve gotten a LOT of consistent, personal results by using it.

3)  I’ll earn a lot of commissions when you buy it.  (hey – I’m an honest badass, I’m not going to recommend something that pays like dirt )

4)  If you use it personally, AND CORRECTLY, it will help you specifically make a lot of money online.

So because of those four reasons, there is only…

ONE THING I can 100% recommend that you buy:

Empower Network.


I could write 100 pages of hard hitting copy, make 18 hours of videos doing nothing but ranting…  or refer you to 1,000 hours of audio training.

Let me just simplify it for you:

Here are 10 reasons, off the top of my head, that you should buy the Empower Network marketing and training platform right now:

1) Empower Network was founded on a value system completely void of greed.  Yes, I want to get money.  However, when I built the company, I was already getting a lot of money selling other people’s stuff for weanie, itsy bitsy commissions.  So I said let’s make money like the people, and give away all of the money in our commission structure… Let’s make an HONEST, from the top down – badass piece of ‘badassery’ that the average guy can use to get boat loads of cash…”

To this DAY… I would have not made a single dime from the company, as the co-owner, if I wasn’t selling it just like you.  In other words – we’ve put 100% of the company revenue back into infrastructure.  As of writing this (Dec 18th, 2012) we have 40 full time employees who do nothing but make sure you can…

…get as much money as possible, with as little headaches as possible.  There is nothing like it in the world.

2)  If you buy Empower Network, you’ll never need anything else.  Sure, we’ll constantly be recommending that you get ‘all in’ with Empower Network – HOWEVER… you’ll never see a ‘cross guru’ launch, a constant pitch to get on another ‘super best friend’s’ list, or anything, but…

….things that will specifically, and directly help you succeed with EN.  In fact, we’ve NEVER mailed the database with a single outside offer.  You’re going to be focused, and safe in Empower Network.

You’ll never need other training.

You won’t be pitched outside systems.

You’ll not be caught up in ‘launch’ after ‘launch’.

You’ll have EVERYTHING I personally use to succeed, and BETTER – right at your finger tips.

Get it here ($25 to start) – however, you’ll want to watch the video first.

3.  If you don’t join, you hate your family.

4.  Empower Network is now proven.  When we launched, we ticked some people off.

They said we wouldn’t last.

They said that it would never work.

They scoffed.

They laughed.

And 13 months later, we had helped people earn (just through Empower Network) more than $20.4 million in commissions.

I believe that in 2013, we’ll help people earn at least $150 million in commissions.

We’re proven.

We’re a TEAM.



We are BADASS.

If you’re not in… get in.

Click here!


5.  In Empower Network, you can cuss and swear, look like a hippie – or wear the most badass suit ever, talk about Jesus on stage, or cross the stage with your gay lover, and we still love you.

There is no judgement in Empower Network – we want YOU to succeed, for who you are.  You will be edified by your results, not judged for your personality or beliefs.  We believe that ALL people have the power to become great.

Sometimes people get mad when we swear or say ‘Wussy’ but then are bewildered when the next speaker comes up on stage, and talks about how they do ALL THINGS through the power of Christ – and they’re even more bewildered when the next guy gets up, an athiest, and all these personalities, with HUGE egos, get along and respect each other.

Why do we do that?

Because  judgement is nonsense, regardless of the excuse.

At Empower Network, we have none.

6.  Empower Network has the most badass internet marketing AND network marketing training available on or off the internet, and you can use it to get rich in any business you choose – or you can sell our products.  Whatever works for you is cool.

Why do we have the best training?

Let’s think about this like a business man for a sec’

What’s going to attract the most talent, out of these options (I could go on):

Option 1:  Earn weanie commissions, selling guru stuff.

Option 2:  Get 1,000 people in your downline to earn an ‘itsy bitsy’ residual income of $5,000 monthly, or…

Option 3:  An army of badasses making more money, with less work, than they’ve ever made in their life.


That’s why our training is better – because better people join us.

People join us who are sick of the some ole, some ole.

People join us who want to make real money.

The ONLY people who join us are badasses.

No weanies, wimps, and wussies are allowed in Empower Network.

My personal goal, is to help 30 people earn $1,000,000 – just in 2013.

You’re not allowed on the team, if you’re a whiner.

ONLY if you’re willing to do what it takes.

Click here to watch the video

Click here to get in!


It’s the ONLY thing I recommend, with all my heart and soul – that you buy.

So go ahead, and do that now.

Welcome aboard.

-David Wood
I Punch Wussies in the Face…

P.S.  Here’s my big, obvious income disclosure:

YES, there are people who have achieved EXTRAORDINARY results with Empower Network.

However, all of those people worked their asses off.  (for the most part).

If you want results, here’s a hint:  STOP looking for averages, and take ‘above average’ ACTION.

Make sense?


You can see by the past paragraphs that David Wood does have a

very unique way of explaining things.  He is one of those geniuses

that seems to understand the direction in which internet marketing

has been and where it is going.  Pay close attention to Empower

Network because they will be paving the way as to how internet

marketing will be done now and in the future.


The Uniqueness of David Wood – He tells it like it is

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