20 Ways To Leave Your “Negatives Behind”

20 Ways To Leave Your  ” Negatives Behind”

Now this might be a play on Paul Simon’s song, (his was

50 Ways to Leave Your Lover) but it illustrates that we

can leave some of our bad habits behind as one of our

resolutions for the new year.


Now many people feel that setting up New Year’s

Resolutions is already setting things up for failure.

But if you are truly thinking that setting up a plan

for your business is the right thing to do, then you

are on the right track and it should be done but

doesn’t have to coincide with the coming of the new

year.  This just seems to be the time of the year

that people relate this type of activity, even though

setting a plan for what you want to accomplish and

how to go about it is an excellent way to succeed.




This is a list that comes to mind, but it certainly is not

intended to be all inclusive or one that fits yours exactly.

The issue is to have a list and follow it!

1 – be consistent

2 – be patient

3 – be understanding

4 – quit beating yourself up

5 – do it at your own pace

6 – find a mentor and use him or her

7 – find a program that fits you and your needs

8 – find a program that gives you the proper tools

9 – don’t get discouraged

10 – make a total commitment

11 – have confidence in yourself

12 – Plan, plan, plan your future with written documentation

13 – find a duplicatable system

14 – find a system with great leaders ( do your research)

15 – be positive, it’s infectious to you and your team

16 – just be yourself, don’t try to be anyone else as they are

already taken

17 – don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it – you want

something – go get it!

18 – construct a strategy to develop a plan as to where you

want to be in 90 days and a year.  Do it in steps.

19 – keep yourself in good physical shape

20 – Enjoy the ride!!!




This is it, a new year, a new beginning and one that

just continues to get better.  This means for many

of us that we need to leave some of our baggage

behind us and move on to bigger and better things.



In internet marketing or a home based business, it

means looking at what has been successful and what

hasn’t been successful and separate the two.  Move

in the direction in which the things that have been

most helpful in gaining leads and retaining leads will

be the area to concentrate.



When you work with a  team or a group, some of

you are going to be better at certain things than

others and vice versa.  This is where you learn the

true meaning of teamwork.  Now this does not

mean you have to be sitting right next to a team

member or a group but rather it can be the working

together or learning from others that have been

successful within your company or program.




You can be sitting at your computer in New York

and one of your other group members can be

in Oregon.  This is what is so neat about this

whole concept of internet marketing.  Now if

you really want to be a loner, you can really do

it all on your own, but why not let the leaders

in one area be the teachers for another area.


This is it, the new year – just go for it and do

it in 90 days and do it for the year starting

right now.


20 Ways To Leave Your “Negatives Behind”

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