Is This The Year? Again Is This The Year?

Is This The Year? Again Is This The Year?



It has been a very good year but that year

has gone and another one appears.  We need

to learn from what we did right and also from

what we did wrong.  I know from my own

experiences that I usually learn much more from

my mistakes than I do from what I did right.  In

other words, if I have missed a question on an

exam my tendency is to wonder why I missed

it and dive deeper into the reasons why I missed

it and get the proper answer.   This sounds simple

and usually is, but by nature I want to know why I

missed the question so I will be prepared for it again

in the future.




I remember while in school, we had a 25 true and

false exam.  I got them all right and got an A but

the problem was,  that I guessed on about 6 or 7

of the questions and just happened to get them right.

Did I learn anything, probably not, as to this day,

I truly do not remember anything about that test

except I got them all right.  I am sure if I had gotten

a few of them wrong, I would have researched into

the answers and remembered them mainly because

I checked into them to get the answers.  Does this

make sense?




When it comes to our learning curve with our programs

within Internet Marketing, this can also be applied to

our learning process.   I find many times I will go back

to certain questions and answers and I know if I had

questions that I missed or didn’t understand, then these

are the ones that seem to linger in my head much

longer and better than the ones that I got right off the bat.





Maybe this process might turn a few of you off and

remind you too much of your schooling days and what

it was like.  But if you think that the internet marketing

arena is one of sitting on the couch and having all the

answers magically come to you through the TV or

computer, then you are mistakenly in the wrong arena.





Please do not get me wrong, there is absolutely no

reason you can’t do it and be very successful in your

quest for success in this area but it will take some

hard work and some basic understanding, especially

and mainly at first.  If you are willing to roll up your

sleeves out of the gates and put some work into the

program you are faced with, there is no doubt that you

will be successful if you have the determination and

patience to stick to it.  I can almost guarantee you that

it makes very little difference if you did well in school

or not, if you have the determination to succeed,

you will do it.  This has been shown to be true by many of the

successful members in internet marketing programs across

the board.  If you have the will and the determination to make

something of yourself or find you have a job that just doesn’t

cut it for you, then this just might be in the right place.




Michelle Pescosolido ( a very successful and admired internet

marketer who is considered the facebook queen because of her

ability in using facebook very successfully in her business)

wrote a very scathing but extremely honest article concerning

some individuals in the internet marketing arena.  To shorten

her thoughts dealing with potential leaders and successful members,

she is very willing to teach you how to fish but will not fish for you or

give you the fish.  In other words. the answers to almost all the questions

that can be raised in the education of us marketers, are laid out in the

format of learning within most of the individual programs.




One program seems to stand out amongst all the others as far

as their educational format.  The trials and errors of not only the

leaders, but all the successful members are the essence of the

teaching program set forth by Empower Network.  The leaders

and the successful members have laid out their ideas and reasons

for becoming successful so others might follow their steps.  Just as

simple as that, taught by those who have learned and learned by

those that have taught.




The whole format is set forth in such a simple manner that

any of us can learn the easy process.  No need to set up

a website or a funnel to capture people signing in as this

is all done for you with such ease that even your 10 year

old daughter could probably set it up.  (although now a days

when you run into a technical problem you ask you children

or nephews and they can usually figure it out for you).




The hard stuff is essentially done for you and all you have

to do is get people to see it.  And getting people to see your

site is also easily explained to you.  So if you are thinking

at all of entering into this unique profession that allows you

the ability to make a lot of money as well as join a great

group of people who are dedicated in making their lives

richer and fuller, then you are in the right place.  Just

take a look at one of these unique programs that essentially

runs on autopilot after getting it set up.  This is a video

that explains this easy process and will give you the opportunity

to get involved and only if you are interested.  I  said

it is easy to get going but I also said it will take some hard work

at first.  This is true but with the work will come extremely

enjoyable and exciting times because of the initial hard work.




If you have seen this video or after you have seen it, and

are interested in following in the successful footsteps of

other successful members, you can sign up here.



Tim Erway has said this and I don’t think anyone can

say it any better:  “There is no other business opportunity

in the world that offers you the kind of compensation, the

kind of training and the leverage that network maketing

does in an inexpensive turnkey manner.”



Is This The Year? Again Is This The Year? 

Let Us Start The Year With Great Feelings of Success

This Is The Year!!!

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