Have We Hit The Target Today?

Have We Hit The Target Today?



We seem to be bombarded each and every day by

ways to get more leads or get more of this or that.

If you are anything like me, after a while each and

every message that comes my way with this thought,

I seem to pass on it as another way to deposit my

money to someone else without learning much.



Once in a while, a refreshing book comes along to

help in our musing of thoughts and effects of where

we are going and how are we getting there.  We all

seem to need help in our quest for that imaginary

comfort zone of success.



Brain Tracy is one of those authors that comes

along with a book that helps us in that forever

seeking of ways to make things easier and more

efficient.  His book “The Power of Discipline” is

a book that gives you help in putting your ideas

and thoughts in 7 different ways to change your




He gives us a seven step formula in which to set and

achieve goals.  Being such a short time from the first

of the year, this gives more credence to the need for

following some sort of outline to improve our need

to become organized.  A new year’s resolution?  It

certainly doesn’t have to be and probably shouldn’t

be classified into this characteristic ritual that we

go through each and every year without much success.



I think that you need to truly look at our ability to

change our thinking and our approach to thinking

outside or our usual comfort zone.  We feel very

comfortable in this zone and it becomes very

difficult to move beyond this unless there is a

very definite reason for changing.  Might this

reason be success or accomplishment beyond

what we have deemed normal.



Tracy”s Formula consists of:

1) decide what you want and in definite terms

2) write it down!  This seems to be the major area

that people have problems with in the first place

3) set a deadline for your expressed goal, a specific deadline

4) make a list of everything that can help you achieve your goal

5) organize your list in both priority and sequence

6) take action on your plan immediately, not tomorrow or after the

next football game

7) do it something every day towards the direction of your goal.



The old adage – by the yard is hard but by the inch is a cinch,

simply means if you do a little at a time, the process become

much easier and the overall project becomes easier.



I guess the real problem is starting, that is taking the initiative

to decide that this is it – that I have to do something to get out

of my rut and live that kind of life that I have always wanted to

but never knew where to begin.  Now you have an excuse to

be successful because the whole process of becoming that

internet guru has been laid down for you and all you have to do

is start the process of easy learning, follow the leaders (many who

started just where you are now) and become that person who

is successful just because you followed some simple rules and



Take a peek into what this program is all about and how you

can become one of the successful members that just decided to

make that choice and get into this program.  If you have decided

that this is for you and you really want to become a member

of this program, then this is the link to get in.



Have We Hit The Target Today?


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