2013 – Time For A Change – This Is It – Time For Success!

2013 – Time For A Change – This Is It – Time for Success!



We continue to run our life on full throttle and wonder

why we end up at the end of the day confused as to where

did all the time go?  This is the life that we have created

for ourselves and really did not know it or that we did do

such a thing.  We work hard all week long to get to the

week-end to enjoy the time off until we realize there is

no time off but rather time of a different nature.  We gear

up to go to that party on Saturday Night and then when

Sunday Night arrives, we wonder what happened?  What

happened to the time off before we have to go back to work?




Is this the cycle that you have created for yourself and

wonder why the whole week is spent looking forward to

the week-end and then when Monday comes, you wonder

where did the week-end go.   Do you continue to work

this cycle until you begin to wonder: is this the life that

I really want to have?, one filled with continued anticipation

that this week-end is going to be that special week-end, the

one that puts me ahead of the crowd, the one that allows

me that certain satisfaction of completion.  Then when it

comes and goes, you wonder what just happened.



Each week, the same process is repeated and the

same thoughts are repeated that you will find that

certain thing, that certain feeling that will give you

the impetus in your life that gives you the chance

to enjoy not only the week-ends,  but also the week.




Your good friend that you have spent the last 7 years

enjoying his/her company on the week-ends seems

to have found a new lease on life, a sense of fulfillment,

a sense of belonging that you had never seen in them

before.  What is it, what was it that seems to have

completely changed them in their view of life, a bounce

in their step that just seems to have given them a

new lease on life.  This was the same person that I

spent the last 7 years of week-ends seemingly  enjoying

the endless parties and freedom of “not doing anything”.



What was this new found feeling of entitlement, the feeling

of self confidence that I had not seen in him since we got

out of school?   He told me that he had found this group

of people on the internet that he had followed for awhile that

were doing something totally out of the ordinary.  They were

making a lot of money without having the need to be a

computer nerd, a computer guru loaded with all the latest

unique ideas of internet marketing.  They were just like you

and me, knowing how to use the computer to get your email

or get to the latest Facebook download, but other than that

the computer was a mystery.




Finding this group that started just over a year ago with a

couple of guys who were essentially homeless or living out

of a van – but they had a dream, a thought of taking some

of the ideas and thoughts of past internet marketers that

were successful and putting together a program that had all

of the attributes of the past successes but very little of the

problems that stumped those other than the computer nerds.




They put together a program that highlighted the positives and

left out the negatives as much as possible.  They knew that anything

less than 100% commissions was not feasible, that putting together

all the funnel pages and landing pages was necessary to attract the

majority of people looking for that program or company to help

them out of the rut they were in.




The stories of many of the people who have become successful

are becoming standard.   Those who had tried many other companies

and had failed, those who had tried the old fashioned way of

prospecting by calling people and getting all your friends involved,

these ways were thrown out the window and the new

ways were implemented.   Ways of following the leaders and

learning from them how to do things in such a simple way that

your sixth grader might be able to utilize them.  This is what

has excited your good friend with his new found step in his walk.




This excited him because he knew that this was his way out

of the routine that he had begun to realize that his future was

one of boredom and sameness with the same pay.  This was

his ticket out of a paycheck that just didn’t add up to the things

he knew he wanted to do nor just didn’t have the ability or the

income to do.    Many of the successful members of this company

started out part time and realized that they could make more

money doing something they loved part time than working the old job full

time.   These are the stories of the people who just decided that

enough was enough and it was time to change directions and do

something that would give them the excitement of newness and

a paycheck that was unlimited if that is what they decided to do.



Take a look,      just click on this and see what is available to

you and what you might be able to do with your life.

One of excitement that can lead to the type of life you

have always envisioned but just weren’t ready to take

that first step.



If you are ready to jump in, click here to join the whole

process of your new found program and excitement.  It

is a new beginning into a life of what you have envisioned

but never really felt was for you in the past, but now, it

is different, a new start into that life, a life of where you

knew you are now ready, ready for progress, ready for

that success that has eluded you in the past.



2013 – Time For A Change – This Is It – Time For Success!

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