Everyday we are confronted we so many distractions

that we have to work hard sometimes just to be able

to concentrate on what task we have at hand, at least

for now.  Even on the computer, there are numerous

distractions that might keep us from “starting that

program” that we have been meaning to do for some

time but would be interrupted each time by something

seemingly more important (or something seemingly more





How do we begin this whole overall intention of starting

something and then sticking to it until it is done rather

than a day full of constant disruptions?  Even with some

of the webinars that we have been watching, the presenter

will often times say to turn off all of your distractions so

you can put your full attention on the webinar.




Our lives today are filled with many more “things” that

tend to interfere with our constructive interaction of ideas

and actions.  With TV or a hand held device at our fingertips,

we tend to want to watch that program that has been advertised

as the greatest one yet, or interact with friends on facebook

or twitter either on our cell phones or our Ipad.   How do we

change our patterns, not eliminate them, to allow us

to gain that extra piece of information that will give us the edge?




Putting things into perspective gives you a better idea of what

is best for us in the overall pattern of our lives.  If we watch our

favorite program on TV and neglect that webinar that just might

put us over the edge in information that we needed to complete

our part in gathering material for that contest we entered with

our group.




There are many 12 step programs that teach the meaning of

involvement, but they will all admit that it is YOU and no one

else that can make the decision to be involved and have the

success that goes along with it.  We have heard this idea in many

ways and in many forms but it comes right down to when you

begin to accept the responsibility for the things that happen to you,

then you become that person that can handle anything and anywhere.

You become the mature adult that can handle the things that used to baffle you

and keep you in a state of fear and misunderstanding.  This is self discipline.




When any of us begin this journey of excitement, the one

that puts us on the road “to recovery” then and only then

can we start that process that will put us on the road to

happiness and riches in life that we all deserve.  This is

certainly not a happen over night idea, but the beginning

of an exciting journey.




How do we start and how do we continue on this path?

The steps should include:

1) having a list of goals and putting them in writing

2) put a date on when you want to accomplish each one of them

3) put them in order of importance to you

4) look at these goals each morning and each evening and

tweak them when necessary by the need and by what you

have already accomplished.

5) take your roll in this idea very seriously (that is if you really

want to get to where you want to go)

6) reward yourself when you have reached a goal and have

set your sights on the next one




There are plenty of other ideas and thoughts that can go into

your own barnstorming of ideas and goals but the main thing

is just making that start.  Wayne Gretzky, the hockey great

always said that “you can’t make a goal if you don’t take a shot.”




You just have to decide that this is the day that I am going to

change my life around and get on the plane to success.  One of

my favorite quotes is from the book by Napoleon Hill and it is

extremely appropriate for this discussion in our taking the first

step in our journey towards comfort and success.

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe,

it can achieve.”




If you have never read Napoleon Hill’s book on “Think and Grow

Rich” you owe it to yourself to get this very inexpensive, but

extremely eye opening book.  The title might just be a little

misleading and Hill had a hard decision in making about the title,

but it truly is one of the most important and inspiring books of

its time and for any time.



“I realized at that moment I was completely responsible for my

life, and for everything that happened to me, from that day forward,

I was responsible.”                 Brian Tracey



DISCIPLINE – Do We Have It?  We sure do if you really want it!


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