Ready, Set – Ready, Set………………….

Ready, Set – Ready, Set……..


When we get into the rush of starting our home based

business, we get all ready to begin but nothing happens.

We spend all this time getting ready to pull the trigger,

but then nothing happens.  We are getting ready to take

that plunge into this amazing arena of home based bussinesses

but when it comes time to actually taking that first step, we

hesitate because we just don’t have all our ducks in a row.



What I found in my own rehearsal, I just wasn’t ready to take

that plunge and the reason was simply that I didn’t feel I was

quite ready.  What I found out in reality, I was spending too

much time getting ready and no time in the actual doing of it.

In other words, I was doing everything right in learning the

process from every conceivable angle and getting all the

information from all the gurus that I could find, but I wasn’t

doing any of the leg work in the actual implementing of an

action plan.



The whole process of working a plan is to earn as you learn.

You are never going to learn everything from a book or from

the computer, it just isn’t possible because there are so many

things that you have to learn from experience.



Until I sat down with myself and decided the only way I was

going to learn this process was by doing it.  I made some

mistakes but I also learned far more then I could have imagined

by just getting in there and taking part in my education.  The

education that I was missing from a practical standpoint, was

the learning on the job.



With the programs that I had begun, each and everyone of

them were extremely helpful in putting me on the right track

to what was right and what things needed to be improved

up0n.  I just can’t think of a business that continues to be so

very supportive in so many ways then that in the home based

business arena.   In most cases, the leaders, as well as members

are there to support you rather than be in competition with you.





You don’t have to try to climb the corporate ladder because

you are the force behind what success you have.  You don’t

have to impress anyone except yourself, so your success

depends on what effort you put into it and how you implement

your program.



In almost any of the successful programs or companies that

have put their mark on the map of home business successes,

you will find individuals from all walks of life and all kinds of

stories as to how they got there and why.  For me, the success

began when I decided to just get into the fray rather than sit

on the sidelines with all my information doing nothing.



I do not mean to imply that I knew it all, far from it but

when I got into the mix of things, I learned far more by

doing than just studying.  When I was able to apply things,

it made a lot more sense than just thinking about it.  Are

you going to make mistakes?, sure your are but that is part

of the learning process to make you better and part of the

earning process along with the learning process.



As Nike says:  “just do it” and you won’t look back because

this is part of the curve, a curve on its way up!



Ready, Set  –  Ready, Set ……………Go

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