Business Success – Is It Really Within Us Or Are We Fooling Ourselves?

Business Success – Is It Really Within Us

Or Are We Fooling Ourselves?



This is the type of question that really should be put to us

on a regular basis because it brings us back to reality and

putting the question directly on us:  “Can I do this or

am I just spitting in the wind?



We have to look within ourselves and just make that

sometimes hard decision and become real with

ourselves – do we have it within ourselves to really

make an honest run at being that entrepreneur that

we want to be but are not really sure that we can

or how to go about it.

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Apparently there are some difficult statistics that suggest

that only about 5% of the people who go into a home based

business on the computer or internet marketing that truly

make a success out of this endeavor.  That means that close

to 95% of the people who attempt this online business are

not successful.  Why is that?  Is it possibly because too many

of these 95 percenters  think that they’ll just jump in and test

the waters and see what happens.






There have been many come-ons within your emails

that suggest that you can earn all the easy money you

want by just signing up with this program or that program.

After signing up for one of these programs and realizing

the money just didn’t seem to be there that was suggested,

then what do you do?   Do you just give up and say that

all these programs are rigged or flat out just trying to take

your money and just leave you high and dry and discouraged.




I think first of all we have to examine our real deep

misunderstanding of the total situation.  Were we really

expecting to do next to nothing and then have all this

money show up in our bank account.   If you truly felt

this was going to happen, then I have a bridge in Arizona

that I would like to sell you, no strings attached.  I don’t

mean to make a complete mockery of this situation, but

most of us know that deep down there is going to have to

be some concerted effort to make money appear in our

bank account.



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Some of you may have already tested the waters in the

internet marketing arena and done okay or very poorly.

Most of us were not prepared for the influx of programs

that hit the internet, some good, some bad and some down

right awful.




How do you pick the right program if you are thinking

that you would like to try your hand at a home based

business utilizing the computer.  You know how to use

the computer but lack many of the technical skills that

are seemingly required for success in a company or

program on the internet.  You also realize that you have

not had any experience in running a company or even

the slightest idea of how to you even start a business.




These are all good questions and ones that should be

answered before you ever think of becoming involved

with an internet program.  How do you find that “just

right” company that fits your profile of business success

or better stated, lack of business success.




With the economy as it is and not looking any better for

the near future,  many people are looking to the internet

to try their hand at finding a job or finding that home

based business that would solve many of their financial


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One company that has had phenomenal success with

individuals that have never even thought of

doing business online or even seasoned veterans of

the internet have found this company to be the

best of the best for giving people the idea that they

can do it and do it with confidence.

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When you find seasoned marketers getting involved

with this company simply because they realized that

this company had all the internal makings of a duplicatable

system, one that would allow veterans as well as

newbies to become successful.  The co-founders of this

company have this main thing at heart and that is

to help as many people as possible to become

successful right along with them.  Their system,

their dedication, their training and their ability

to teach others in a systemic way, have allowed them

to become the talk of the internet and the business

sector because they have given 100% commissions to

over 70,000 members as well as paid out close to

$30 million to its members in just over one year in

their existence.

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Click here and check out this amazing company.  If

you like what you see and feel this might be for you,

then click here  and sign up for a very small sum

to begin your quest for what this company has to offer.


“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way.  If

you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”      The Rock



Business Success – Is It Really Within Us

Or Are We Fooling Ourselves?  It sure can

be if you want it badly enough!!!


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