Home Based Businesses and Advertising

Home Based Businesses and Advertising





This classic explanation of football by Andy Griffith is one the the

funniest descriptions of the game that I have ever heard.  It has been

a couple of weeks since the Super Bowl for the world championship in

“American” Football.   Most of us think of it as just a football game but

fail to realize that it is the most expensive advertising time created

for television for any time of the year.   The money alone brought into

the whole New Orleans area,  is mind boggling in terms of money

spent.   Three and a half million for a half a minute for TV and millions

more for the city and surrounding areas.




This type of information is important when we try to apply

advertising for any type of internet business.  There are a

couple of camps that have opposing opinions about paying

for advertising as opposed to free advertising.  Some people

have made their mark in the home business arena by knowing

how to get free leads into their business while others will use

many different means of getting leads into their business by

paid advertising.



Whichever way you decide to use or whichever way you feel

would fit into your arsenal, it is best to find one that you can

use and become very efficient and effective utilizing before you

move into another area of advertising.   Most of the successful

entrepreneurs in the home based businesses suggest very

strongly that you master one before you attempt to move

into another area of advertising.




Speaking more of the football arena and what effect it seems to

have not only in pee-wee leagues but at the professional level,

it has become as much of a social event as a sporting

event especially at the high school, college and professional levels.

The alumni and the students as well as hardy fans find a

connection around this game of football.  But this isn’t all there

is because the advertisements are almost as much fun to

watch as the game itself, at least the Super Bowl.   In fact,

I am sure there are many people (especially women) who

put up with the game simply to watch the commercials

during the Super Bowl.




During the Second World War, it is said that Hitler sent some

of his men over to the US just to go to the football games

and see why so many people would get so riled up just to

watch a game.  Apparently he wanted to use what he could

to get the people of Germany in the same type of mood.




What is the reasoning for this blog other than to see the

humor of Andy Griffith and what football has to do with

advertisements?   It shows the impact that advertisements

can have if done properly and with thought out intentions.

Whatever business that you might be involved

with or even if your not involved, advertisements have a

big influence on our way of life whether we think so or not.




It is big business (advertising) and it has become a very

big influence on how we buy things and what we buy.  If

it weren’t, they wouldn’t be able to charge three and

a half million for 30 seconds of your time.



There are some internet marketers that feel the

internet is run on advertising and if you continue

to try to get to one video or another page without

some kind of ad, then you haven’t been on the

computer lately.




Home Based Businesses and Advertising

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