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Here is an interview that I had with Meghan Mackintosh and I have to admit, I have learned a great deal from this amazing marketer.   She has been keeping me on my toes and I am most grateful for her understanding and teachings.  She is a rock star and one who will be on the leader boards for a long time.  I am one lucky dude to have been paired with her during this amazing 100 Day Challenge.  She will continue to keep me on my toes.
1. What is some of the best training you’ve received that has led to your success in network marketing? (You can list training programs and/or trainers/leaders here)
I would say that Eric Worre’s website: has some of the best training in the industry. I love watching short videos, and his interviews with top leaders are filled with amazing nuggets of information. I’ve also attended his live event: Go Pro Recruiting Mastery in Las Vegas, which I highly recommend.
2. What type of marketing do you do to sell your products and build your team?
I first started marketing my products and building my team using facebook. Then I started using other types of social media like YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter. I use a funded proposal called My Lead System Pro (MLSP), which has a ton of online marketing training and resources. It has really helped me generate leads for my business from the internet. I also have two websites to promote my product and how to work with me.
3. How did you get into network marketing?
I was a sales and marketing director in the corporate world and I wanted to start my own business so I started researching internet marketing first. Then I looked into a network marketing company to join. I knew I wanted to be in the health and wellness niche, so I spent about 3 months researching companies with a focus on anti-aging. I’m passionate about the body, mind, and spirit connection and I’m a yoga teacher, so I thought these types of products would also compliment my overall wellness philosophy. I had an excel file of all the companies in this niche, and essentially I narrowed it down to specific factors (compensation plan, company leaders, products, years in business, culture, and future outlook for the company).
Once I decided on my network marketing company, I then searched for an upline with great leadership and that was local to me.
4. What is the # 1 key factor for success in network marketing?
Mindset and a drive to succeed no matter what.
5. What would you tell new people who are curious about joining network marketing?
That it’s completely different than having a regular job so it’s important to get trained with leaders who are already doing well in the industry. Sometimes your upline is just as green as you to the industry, so it’s extremely important to search out top leaders and trainers in the industry and to become knowledgeable about the profession.
6. Do you think anyone can do network marketing?
If you love talking to people, you’ll do great! If you don’t like talking to new people every single day, and you don’t want to learn how to network, than the industry might not be right for you.
7. What are the biggest challenges facing network marketers right now?
I’d say it’s the same challenge faced by all new entrepreneurs and that is lack of focus.
Many people try network marketing and fail because they don’t have the motivation to study the industry and learn what it takes to make it to the top. You need to have a ton of drive and ambition to make money in this industry, because essential how much money you make is completely determined by how hard you work and the specific actions you take.
I see so many people jumping from one network marketing company to another because it’s the next big thing. Many people think they will find success with another company, but the reality is, there are a lot of great companies out there, and success will come, but only if you take consistent action doing income generating activities every single day over a long period of time.
Again, thanks to Meg for all her excellent input and to this amazing program called internet marketing.
 Best regards to all,
     John C. Logan
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