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Break the Time for Money Trap

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Unless you were born into a wealthy family with a “silver spoon,” then chances are you have to work to earn money for your family’s needs and wants. I know this is certainly the case for most people. So here is the question, if you have to work, why would you ever work for someone else, building their dream, rather than for yourself, building YOUR dream?

Time for Money

When you are employed you are trading your time for someone else’s money. It may be a great paying job, but you are still, in a sense, selling your time at wholesale and buying your time back at retail. However, without leverage wealth is hard to create. It is extremely hard to truly generate financial independence unless you are willing to diligently commit to saving a large percentage of your income over many years. Even if you have a high paying job you are still building an asset for someone else, not for yourself.  There are only 24 hours in a day, and a job only pays what a job is worth, not what YOU are worth.

Network Marketing Can Help

With network marketing you are not only building residual income and breaking that time for money trap, but you are also building an asset (a business) that you can one day sell. Think about it. Let’s say you spend 20 or 30 years working for someone else, and you decide to retire. What do you have? In some cases, a gold watch and a nice retirement party (if you are lucky). Now, let’s say you spent those 20 or 30 years of your life building a business, and you decide to retire. What do you have? A business that you can sell!

I will never forget the day Nancy and I cashed out and sold our business after 10 years. It one of the most gratifying days of my life, not only had we earned a great living all those years (just like we could have at a job), but we were also able to walk away with a windfall of cash on our way out the door!

When you are building a network marketing business, you are building an asset that can be sold. So let me encourage you to get serious about building YOUR dream, even if it has to be done on a part time basis in the beginning. In the end, you will be glad you did!

Wishing you all the success you will allow yourself to have!




This is a blog post by Jake Kevorkian, one of the founders of Numis Network,

a company that specializes in delivering top graded silver and gold coins to

individual members who have joined the company in one of the different




He hits the nail right on the head and talks very directly about residual

income and what it has done for he and his wife but also what it can

do for anyone who decides to look into the very interesting business

of internet marketing.  I had a job that paid me money for hours and

really had no residual income from my work.  Don’t get me wrong,

I loved what I did but when I walked out the door, I took everything

with me in terms of what money I had made.  With many of the programs

dealing with internet marketing, you continue to get the residual income

long after you have decided to sit on the front porch and rock (or whatever

other retirement sport you decide upon).




This alone, should make a person look long and hard at this very interesting

protocol of a business.  This is the type of business that anyone can do from

the confines of their own home or even on a beach, if that is what they really

want to do.  The continual updates of the computer industry and the laptops

allows us to run a business from almost anywhere one might want to set up shop.



Residual income seems to be very much the norm in internet marketing

and it also should be part of your interest and involvement, if this seems

like the arena you would like to be part of.   Jake Kevorkian just takes this

idea and explains it better mainly because he has been there and is there

with his new company, our company: Numis Network.   If your are at all

interested in seeing what this company has to offer, then give it

a look and decide for yourself if this is something that might interest you.

Click here and check it out.  There is certainly no obligation to you, but

it will give you an idea of what other people have been able to do.



Best regards to you,

John C. Logan

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