Attraction: The Key to Success in Internet Marketing

Leadership:  The position or guidance of a leader or the

ability to lead.  This is what Webster’s Dictionary has to

say about leadership.

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A legend tells of a French monastery known throughout

Europe for extraordinary harmony due to the leadership

of a man called Brother Leo.



Several monks from another monastery began a 5-day

pilgrimage to visit Brother Leo to learn his leadership

secrets so they could bring peace and harmony to their

own monastery,  which was a place of some bickering.



As they began their journey, almost immediately, they began

to bicker about who should do various chores each time they

made camp or packed and unpacked.



On the third day they met another monk who was also going

to the monastery, and the joined them.   When it came to chores,

the monk never complained or shirked a duty, and whenever

the others would fight over a chore, he would gracefully volunteer

and do it himself.  By the last day, the others were following his

example, working together smoothly.



When they reached the monastery and asked the gate keeper

if they could see Brother Leo, the man laughed and pointed at

the extra monk.  “But Brother Leo is right there among you!”



Today, many people seek leadership positions, not so much for

what they can do for others but for what they can do for themselves:

for status, connections, perks, advantages.  They do service as an

investment, a way to build an impressive resume or earn favors.



The parable about Brother Leo teaches a service model of leadership,

where leaders are preoccupied with serving rather than being

followed, with giving rather than getting, with doing rather than




Thanks to Robin Kay Cooke for giving me this very appropriate

parable as it illustrates exactly what we are all looking for in

our individual quests for a leader, one who can lead by example

as well as what they say.



Attraction marketing is a term that has been kicked around

for sometime in the internet marketing arena and one that

Mike Dillard has promoted after a few years of reading and

studying and then applying such a vision.  There are many

very good leaders in our profession that have applied this

approach and have become quite successful.



I feel it is a very necessary part of your training and your

understanding, that attraction marketing be part of your

overall approach to this wonderful profession of internet

marketing.  What is attraction marketing?



It would be ludicrous of me not to mention what Mike Dillard

has said and preached about attraction marketing and what

it had done for him and many of his associates.  He suggests

two very important lessons of attraction marketing:

1. People have a subconscious attraction to others who might

show leadership and examples of value.

2. If you are at all interested in doing well in the internet marketing

arena, you must learn to show these qualities.



And probably one of the biggest ideas that has been a big part of

the successful entrepreneurs in internet marketing:  “People do not

join a business, they join YOU!”  Think about this, and really let

this sink in as it is probably one of the biggest understandings

necessary in internet marketing!


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