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Seth Godin, probably one of the best blog writers in a growing

arena of blog posts.  He has a very refreshing approach to almost

everything that he utilizes at his disposal.  Whether it be one of

his books or his blogs or even his interviews on TED or any

other media, he has a very fresh approach to whatever is at



The internet and the blogging stage or any other way of

communication in this day and age of electronic marvels,

gives us a way of putting our thoughts and ideas out there

so it can reach an enormous number of people eager to

find out what we are thinking and doing.




A few years ago, I had no idea what a blog was or what

its function might be.  If you attempt to look up the actual

word “blog” in a dated dictionary, it doesn’t even appear.

So our vocabulary has to be constantly updated to remain

on the internet blogging horizon of the electronic gadgets.




As you can see and hear from the previous video, Seth

Godin, has a special way of explaining even the simpliest

of things, such as how a young girl had an idea about socks

and ran with it.




When I first came in contact with the blogging idea, it

seemed to be a way for people to comment on what

other individuals had said or remarked about.  Many

times the comments were only a few words long and

they were usually done to rebuff or agree with what

was said.  Now, blogging seems to have a much

more thorough and longer conveyance of messages,

many times utilizing 500 to 800 words.



I think this is one of many reasons that the USPS is

failing.  People either communicate utilizing the

internet or the cell phone by either voice or text.

Young children are introduced to these methods

at a very young age and by the time they are out

of grade school, they are masters of these techniques.



The older population, the “boomers” can either embrase

it or reject it, but either way, it ain’t going away.  This is

the new way of communication, sometimes impersonal,

sometimes void of that comforting touch of a warm voice

at the other end of the tool.  Like it or not, to be engaged

with your children or grandchildren, you might have to be

hooked up to the modern technology.



How many times do you see an older individual struggling

with trying to push the proper keys on that small keyboard

on the cell phone and then looking around out of frustration.

The wrong keys were pushed because the keys are

way too small and they only use one finger rather than the

two fingers in texting used by the younger generation.



Now whether or not Seth Godin uses texting or only

uses the blogging  or video platform, is not really the

question, but rather the fact that he communicates in

a way that completely makes communication fun and

interesting.  We can learn from him and enjoy the fruits

of our labor and find the contemporary digital marvels

at our disposal, ones to embrace rather than scuff at.



Thanks for visiting.  If you have any ideas

or thoughts, please share them.

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