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Now this is what I call the beauty and the fun of skiing.  Just

imagine putting yourself on tip of this “hill” and then

spending the next 30 minutes or an hour traversing down

the slope watching the magnificent scenery.  Watching the

other skiers ain’t bad either.  If you haven’t experienced

this type of enjoyment, you are totally missing some of the

best enjoyment the mind and body can elicit at the same time.




You say your not a skier, that’s okay, you can just watch

one of Warren Miller’s movies that he has taken over the

years and get some of the enjoyment and the beauty.



It’s not the same, but when applying this to your business

and the learning process, especially in the internet marketing

business, you have to realize the same thing, if you don’t really

get in there and take part in the doing along with the learning,

you will probably take quite a bit longer to succeed, if at all.



As in most businesses, part of your learning process is getting

in there and applying the knowledge that you have learned

so far.   Too many times we get involved with the learning

process and with so much out there, we become overwhelmed

with the overall process and forget that to succeed at first,

you have to put the blinders on and take a little at a time.





With so much information on the internet and on the

computer, you have to decide right up front, to pick a

program and stick with it.  You can do some checking

on the internet to find the best program that would fit

your needs and wants.



Use one of the search engines to research the different

programs and/or companies that offer programs.

Right now there are obviously going to be many

companies that say that theirs is the best one

and join our company and you will be successful

right off the bat without doing any work at all.




This is where you have to do some of your own

research and find the company that is a good

fit for you.  Do you want a get rich quick company (or at

least they say so) or a company that promises you

nothing but if you work hard and stick to it, you can

become successful depending upon your dedication

and willingness to work.

Blogging - Picture of Success




You have to look at a few things that each company

can and will offer:

1- leadership – how well do the leaders involve themselves

and are available.

2. having a good system

3. having a system that can be duplicated

4. a system that allows you to learn the process at

your own pace

5. members that are willing to share their

successes for you to learn and understand

6. cost effective enough to make it available

to the majority of people.



The internet gives you the medium in which

you can enjoy your involvement by sitting on

your couch, sitting in front of your desk, or

even sitting on the beach in Hawaii, your pick.



That is what makes this avenue of business such

a fantastic idea for many people.  Some would rather

put on that tie and suit every morning and fight the

rush hour traffic both ways and then come

home exhausted from the workday.   Sit down

to eat, watch some TV and then go to bed to

repeat the same process each and everyday.



If your working at home, you can work in your

pjs or even your bathing suit.  Whatever suits

you is fine, but it still allows you the freedom to

choose your place and clothing.  Quite frankly,

I can’t think of anything I would prefer over

this environment.  If you really miss your

suit and tie, wait until Sunday and put it on

to go to church.


Please give my your feedback and let me

know your ideas and feelings about this.




Here’s to your future success,

John C. Logan


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Enthusiastic past health care provider with the ability to enjoy the good life by involving myself in the internet marketing arena. The love and genuine sharing of ideas amongst the many individuals involved with internet marketing, at all levels, makes my daily routine one of gratitude and full of enjoyment. The days are full of excitement and learning but with the allowance of free time to enjoy family, friends and activities.
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