3D Printer – Possible Wave Of The Future?

Made in America!   This used to be the mantra that would give us

the importance of a quality product.  Now a days, everything seems

to be made in China, Mexico, Bangladesh, India, or even the

Philippines or any other country except the United States.




Much of our manufacturing has mainly gone outside of the US because

it is cheaper to manufacture outside this country and even have

the parts shipped back to the US to be assembled here or sent

back fully assembled.  There are many reasons other than just

wages but the main reason seems to be the fact that you can

build something in another country that has much lower wages

and still make a profit in the United States even after it has been

shipped back to the United States.



Image - car made by printer technology







Now this photo looks like a car that was imported from Mars.

But in actuality, this car was made from a process called

3D Printing.  A Minnesota Company, using this kind of printer

has printed a whole car which goes 70 mph and gets 200 MPG

and is suppose to last for around 30 years.  Does this sound like

science fiction?




Just think of the implications that this would have on not only

the automobile industry, but all kinds of industries.  It almost

seems surreal that you can make almost anything using a certain

kind of printer.




Apparently, Jay Leno with all of his array of cars that he has in his

collection, has used a printer like this to have a certain part made to

replace a one that might not be available to buy.  This would just be

one type of use for this amazing technology but if you think hard enough

you could probably find all kinds of uses for this unusual printer.




You could then apply this technology to almost anything and much

of this could be done through internet marketing with some kinds of

adaptation   Just think of what this would open up for marketers,

as the buyer could see all of the things on the internet and probably

view them in three dimensions to help make his purchases.




Now this isn’t a space novel that contains much theory or better yet,

someones imagination, but rather something that has actually been

produced by the 3D Printer.  Now when this becomes fact and common

knowledge, then we can probably use an app and everyone with their

mobile device will be able to print out their lunch or even a part for

their automobile.




Is this fiction?  Right now it might seem like it but how many things

lately have just been fiction a few short years ago.  I guess we are

only limited by our own imagination.







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