Attraction Marketing – What does this really mean?

When I first heard this two word phrase,  Attraction Marketing,

I couldn’t really figure it out.  You know what the two words

individually mean but when you put them together it seems to

have somewhat of a different meaning.




Mike Dillard was the father of Attraction Marketing and he

has done a lot of work with this type of thinking and application.

He stared out in marketing on the internet and was not very

successful at first because he did not understand the whole

process of marketing and making it work.




He then decided to take a hiatus from his marketing online

and just study all the books he could on the psychology and

marketing and the psychology of attraction.  This time

really paid off, because after this period of time, he became

very successful in the online marketing field.




Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring lead the way for other

marketers to understand and apply the principles of

attraction marketing.  What does this mean?  Put in simple

terms, it means that you attract other individuals into

your program by utilizing value in your attraction.  You

attract other individuals by providing them value instead

of trying to sell them something right off the bat.

Magnetic Sponsoring




Attraction Marketing simply stated means that you are

working with other individuals within the system by providing

them with value and things to learn without anything attached.

You provide your knowledge and understanding  usually for

free so these people will join you and they can in turn utilize

the same process to become successful in the internet

marketing arena.




This is by no means or should be a way of conning someone

to join you in a business and then drop them once they have

joined.  Rather this is a sincere way for individual people to

join up in a program or business and truly become partners

in the success of a business.  Everyone wins in this type of

relationship and can continue to hand this type of understanding

right on down the line to other newly joined members.



This type of understanding and relationships has helped many

other internet businesses become extremely successful because

they continued to lead with value in their reaching out to other

potential members.   This in itself, is what has made internet

marketing so appealing and why the relationships that you

continue to make and nourish are those of long term duration.




From personal experience, I was in a 100 Day Challenge that

took up quite a bit of time and effort (all good) but it was

amazing just how the challenge together with over 200 other

individuals, and with the same vision, allowed all of us to grow

in a symbiosis  relationship.  This means two different types of

people living in a close relationship benefiting both sides.



This type of approach, along with the sincere relationships that

were garnered, really makes this one of togetherness rather than

one of competition.   This is what this phrase – Attraction Marketing

has done for so many people;  made the arena of marketing on the

internet one of enjoyment and of vision.



I know the price of success: dedication, hard work, and an

unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen.

Frank Lloyd Wright











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