Retirement – Are you ready or are you getting ready?

This morning when driving my grandchildren to school, I was listening to Charles Osgood and his daily message.  Today his message was that way too many people are simply not ready to retire and one of the reasons is because many had changed to a 401K retirement plan instead of the usual pension plan from their company and did not have enough money to retire.   Many of these individuals forgot that they had to save and in turn put money into the 401K.  The stock market was not paying the type of rate that allowed many to retire like they were able to in the past.  So now, when people are approaching retirement age or want to retire, they simply do not have the money.   So what do these people do or what should they do.  There are probably many answers to this question but the one many are finding is that they can work from home and produce a very comfortable life style and, in turn, retire comfortably.  There are all kinds of programs out there (many reputable and some not so reputable) that will teach you a way to short cut your learning curve and give you a head start on this training.  This is much better than trying to learn the whole process from the seat of your pants.  Tim Erway and Mike Dillard are two individuals that had started from scratch in their own quest for success and learned the hard way, by hit and miss.  They are both very successful in their own right after years of struggle and have put together a series of very important programs that will teach you all the ins and outs of a home based business and at very very reasonably rates.  Tim said: “There is no other business opportunity in the world that offers you the kind of compensation, the kind of training and the leverage that network marketing does in an inexpensive turnkey manner.”  Check out their website:

Go for it and realize that the sky is the limit and it can put all your dreams into reality.

Here’s to your success!

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