Intentions – The Real Secret To Success In Business


When we have made that decision to pursue  a career

utilizing the internet, what are some of the issues that

we need to be concerned with or faced with to make

sure that our path to success is not met with the

negative thoughts or ideas?




There might be many things going through your mind

such as: where and how do I get the money to begin,

where do I start, is this really for me, can I do it, do I

want to do it and am I just going to dip my foot in to see

if the water is just right?




You can make many excuses as to why you’re are going to

fail or why things are just not right for you to succeed.

You can treat it this way or you can look the situation right

in the eye and decide that you are going to do it, which

means NEVER give up on your dreams!!




David Wood and David Sharpe with Empower Network

have become extremely successful with their internet

company and one of their very important success traits

has been for them to insist on new members to write out

a plan of action.




They want for you to do two things:

1) Set a clear intention for your outcome even if the how to

for reaching that outcome isn’t completely clear.

2) Take action before you even know what your are doing.




They are so concerned about your success that they will

continually advise you all the way through in the 15K lessons,

that if you have not done this step of setting your goals or

your intentions, that you go back and set your intentions

before you do anything else.  They know that without

this effort and commitment, you will most likely not be

successful or your chances are very slim.




Other successful entrepreneurs are very much aware of the

importance of setting  good intentions of knowing where you

are headed and what you need to get there.  After reading many

of the important books in this area, much of the advice that

is handed out is dealing with what you need to do to break

free  from the attitude of security in where you are in life.




Napoleon Hill, in his very astute book: Think and Grow Rich,

had ideas that went far beyond the normal suggestion of

what was necessary to succeed.  He suggested a need for

having a definite purpose, a burning desire along with a

inner faith to realize how it can work.   I would suggest

this book to anyone – yes anyone because it has such an

amazing receipt for success.  Unfortunately it scares away

many individuals because of the title.  In essence it is a very

good book on how to live your life to become successful.




Here are a few steps that we can use to view our circumstances

and empower us and have that burning desire to succeed and get

out of the cocoon we have encased ourselves in.

1) get in touch with your real “why?”.  Why is it you truly want

to succeed, your family, yourself or your friends.  The things you

really want to do.




2) Imagine what your life would be “when” you have achieved

success.  Make sure you use all of your senses in describing this.

Write it down!!!   It has to be written down, not just a dream

in your mind.



3) Include all the different items that you have on your “bucket

list”.  Don’t worry if it is not all clear at this time, as you can

continue to change it as things evolve.    Remember that clearity

of your What combined with your Why will get you to your How!




4) Write down how things might look if you continue to stay in your

present situation and be completely HONEST!  If you want to change,

this is the TIME!!!!



“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

Jim Rohn

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