Marketing – What Is It Really – Especially On The Internet?

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Brendon Burchard said in a recent article that “I realized

marketing is an essential business skill, and like all business

skills, I’d better learn it or go broke.”




Now this might be hard to swallow for many of us in the

internet marketing business, because if you are anything

like me, your association with marketing was limited to

enjoying the great ads that were displayed on the Super

Bowl format.  In fact, this is one of the main reasons that

the Super Bowl has such high numbers of viewers, so they

can see the great ads featured.




I would also say that many of us have felt that marketers were

just a little up from the  snake charmers in the old west days that

sold snake oil.  This certainly has  changed,  especially in the arena

of internet marketing.  One way or another, we as marketers have

to understand what Burchard did say, that we better understand

it and how to apply it or we will go broke.




Here are a few things that you need to look at to help you

understand marketing as it applies to the internet or even

other areas, if you are so inclined to use them outside of

the internet.

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1) Marketing is somewhat like a presidential campaign, you

continue to get your message out day in and day out so it

becomes familiar with the masses.   I think that the majority

of beginners in internet marketing have a tendency to try

something once and feel they are done, rather than continuing to

engage your prime audience on a regular basis.




2) Marketing can give us the chance to show our creative abilities.

You say that you don’t have a creative bone in your body, well you

just might be amazed at yourself when you are put to the test and

pushed outside of your comfort zone.  This is where the juices begin

to flow and you amaze yourself at what ideas and thoughts you

come up with.  This can also be an area where you team up with

a mastermind partner and the partnership comes up with

some great ideas and you put them into place.




3) Too many people feel that when you are marketing, you

are using a checklist to work through a process.  Again this

is where your thoughts and ideas should be freelance, by

giving your mind a chance to think outside of the box and

be free with the thoughts.   You will be totally surprised by

what ideas you can come up with when you have the chance,

even though you feel that you are always going to go blank.

If you are bored, then your not doing it right!!!  Challenge

yourself and you will come up with some bright ideas.




4) When you have found yourself becoming okay with marketing

or even enjoying marketing, then this is where the magic begins

and then your team or readers will realize that you are the leader

that they have been looking for and those already on your team

will also realize that they are on the right team.




The real value in reviewing internet marketing, is that it becomes

a challenge and one that when you accomplish your goals in this

marketing arena, you understand the great feeling of reaching

your goals.



“Your biggest concern is not your skill, ability, or intelligence —

It’s your commitment!”

Gary Ryan Blair


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