Internet Based Business – Are Leaders Born or Raised?


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The No Excuses Summit that is hosted by Raymond Fong and

Ferny Ceballos each year,  finished out in Las Vegas  and those

in attendance, came away with a boat load of good information

that can be incorporated into their home based businesses right

away.  These two, have some of the most successful people in

the Internet Based Businesses that are the leaders, speak in

front of thousands of hungry, wanna be leaders.

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In fact this year, Ray and Ferny had contests long before

the actual meeting to determine who would be the speakers.

Some of the speakers were in the audience last year or the

year before and were determined to be successful so they

could in turn be on the stage along with many of the yearly

successful speakers, such as Michelle Pescosolido, Ray Higdon,

and Diane Hochman.




During part of the meeting, the last two years they have a

panel of “experts” that are on the stage and are asked a

series of questions but one of the main questions this year

was: “What was your particular secret to your success?”




In essence, with all of the six speakers, it came down to

about three important aspects that they attributed to

what allowed them to be that successful person or couple

on stage.




1) Focus – When individuals begin their entry into the

internet based business, they have a tendency to try to

do way too much and what happens, they become

overwhelmed with all kinds of ideas and thoughts.

Instead of following a path of of easing into a program

and learning things slowly or at their own pace, they

try to take it on all at once and become bogged down.




The successful speakers said that when they realized

that taking things one at a time and concentrating on

one program or one way, then the clarity of their intentions

became much easier.  This means working with only one

business at a time before you become involved with another

business that might also be “the one”.



Don’t dabble from one business to another, thinking that

this one is going to be the one.  Stick with one until you

have mastered at least part of the business – this of

course means you have done your homework as to

which business you are going to become involved with.




2) Putting other people first!!! —  This was a biggy for

most of the panelists on stage.   Most of them said that this

was probably the biggest turning point for them in their

turning themselves around in becoming successful.



The caring about people, supporting and caring about

the other people in the business rather than thinking

about their own place in getting leads and sales.




Calling leads (which many entrepreneurs fail to do) and

and really finding out what they needed and where they

might be having some problems.  All this simply adds up

to having a good relationship with your members or

colleagues rather than always thinking about what is

in it for you.




This type of attitude will do wonders for you not only in

the internet based business but in living and having a

successful enjoyable life.




3) Taking consistent effort –taking consistent effort but

within a framework of a sense of urgency.  Creating value

based blogs or value based emails will give you a better sense

of contributing to the helpfulness of an internet based business.

It will also show that this is a learned process but one that

takes time and effort with an understanding of the long haul

for the kind of success that will be lasting.




You are the embodiment of the information you choose to

accept and act upon.  To change your circumstances you

need to change your thinking and subsequent actions.

Adlin Sinclair


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