Affiliate Marketing – What Does This Really Mean?

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Affiliate Marketing seems to be everywhere when you are on

the internet, but what does it really mean?  Sometimes it seems

obvious by just defining the two words individually but when you

put them together, they seem to take on a whole new meaning,

especially when you are relating them to the internet.




Affiliate Marketing is defined as a powerful marketing

method that is utilized on the internet.  Affiliate Marketing

Campaigns promote internet businesses by paying

affiliates for every subscriber, visitor, customer or sales

that visit their website.  It is performance based.



Affiliate Marketing is having an online or internet based

marketing strategy that uses one website to drive traffic

to another website.




Online Marketing is the best way for companies interested

in reaching far and wide, a global audience,  rapidly and





Affiliate Marketing is like having a sales force that is working

around the clock, 24/7.  What is interesting with both the

company and the affiliate, the affiliate is motivated to sell the

“products” and the company only pays when things are sold.

This again is performance based.

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The typical affiliate marketing based payment was based on

about a 20% up to possibly a 50% pay on the products.  This

meant that the affiliate really had to perform on a scale with

a large number of customers for their efforts to pay off or

have a product that was a big ticket item, so the payment

to the affiliate is bigger.




Within the last couple of years, some of the the successful

companies have realized that the affiliate payments were

on the low side, so they have turned it around and are

beginning to pay out 100% commissions.



Empower Network with its co-founders, David Wood and

David Sharpe both realized from their prior experiences in

internet marketing, that the commissions paid out by

many companies were quite low and they both had to

work hard to come away with anything like decent pay.



When they put together all their ideas and thoughts

in the preliminary stages of Empower Network, they

both wanted to pay out 100% commissions but then

had to figure out how to go about doing it.  Both of

them, even though they are the co-founders, make

their money the same way all the affiliates do, by

getting out there and selling the products of Empower



My Lead Systems Pro is another company that has begun

to pay 100% commissions on their mastery program.  The

founders of MLSP, Brian, Norbert, and Todd have put

together a company that is not a biz op (business operations)

company but rather a company that has a platform of learning

and tools to have the marketers learn the basics of internet




This gives the potential marketer and even the experienced

internet marketer a true understanding of how and why

the internet operates in relationship to the business

details.  Most influential marketers today have either begun

their successful career with MLSP or realized how important

a good basic understanding of the process was needed, and

MLSP provided this important avenue.




Another company that truly began the understanding of

attraction marketing within internet marketing was

Magnetic Sponsoring.  Mike Dillard can almost be called

the grandfather of Attraction Marketing but he is not old

enough to be a grandfather.




Magnetic Sponsoring is a program or company that has

many facets to it, but its main claim to fame in the internet

marketing arena is its understanding of the importance of

applying attraction marketing.




Check out each one of these companies plus any others that

might be interesting and helpful.  Make some decisions based

on what you can get from the company but also from what you

can give to the company.  You and I both have a lot to offer.



It would be well worth anyone’s time, if you are at all

interested in Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing

to check out these companies that I have mentioned or

any other reputable company and check them out

thoroughly.  There are certainly some very good companies

that utilized the internet but there are also some companies

that are less than accurate in the advertisement of their wares.


Empower Network

My Lead System Pro

Magnetic Sponsoring


There are no real shortcuts to making good money with any

company on the internet.  It is going to take some strong effort

on your part, but if a company has great training materials, a good

compensation plan and a system that can be duplicated, then

your potential for success is going to be very good.




With purpose, desire, and determination along with a viable plan,

there is absolutely no reason why you can’t be one of the truly

successful people who uses the internet for success and a real life!




Our willingness to take risks and trust in each other brings

meaning and joy to our journey.

Stephen Wiley





If you have any questions or thoughts, please do not hesitate

to call me and I will be happy to help in any way I might.

My phone is:   734-672-7070  If I do not answer, I am probably

helping someone else but please leave a message and I will

call you back promptly.

My best,   John






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