More Magic of Thinking Big

Dr. Schwartz’s Book is jammed packed with many thoughts and ideas of putting yourself in a very positive situation.  He suggests how to develop the power of belief.  It may seem simple and defined by logic but if you really take it in and put your mind to thinking through these 3 guides it can literally change you life.  1. Think success, don’t think failure.  2. Remind yourself regularly that you are better than you think your are.  3. Believe Big.  The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief.    He suggests that your objective is to make successful action habitual.  A person is a product of his own thoughts.  Believe Big.  Dr. Schwartz also says that what is important is not how intelligent your are but how you use what you have.  And one of the best quotes that I have gotten from this book is: “Stickability is 95% of ability.”

In another area, Dr. Schwartz suggests three ways to cut our intelligence excuses, which we all seem to have in some form or another  1. Never underestimate your own intelligence and never overestimate the intelligence of others.  2. “My attitudes are more important than my intelligence.”  3. Your ability to think is much better than your ability to memorize facts.  4.  I am either too old or too young to do this.

A home based business sometimes takes that certain inertia.  How two guys started with an idea and put it into action is a great way to understand that:  “dog gone it, I can do it too!”  Starting with 30 people back in November of 2011 and putting their ideas and efforts to work, these two men, Dave and Dave have built this idea and have already close to 30,000 people on board and growing at an incredible pace.  This has been mainly because they had a dream to get paid right away in their business and get paid 100% of what you sold.  They put together an amazing series of educational roadmaps that has allowed these almost 30,000 people to have the ability to make $1000 per week or even per day.  The amazing fact is that it is so simple that it doesn’t seem possible.  They have proven it does work and work very well.  They have paid out $4.2 million in 100% commissions.  This is success and it can be done by anyone by joining the team and making it go.  The enthusiasm of Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe just makes you want to be part of the team.  The team is one of working together rather than working in competition.  There is tremendous room for growth with and in this group.  One overwhelmingly feels the workability and respect in this group.  Check out their site and see just what is going on.  You owe it to yourself and you certainly owe it to your financial future.

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