Choices – Are You Making The Right Choices?

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If you had a chance to go back in your life and make different choices,

which ones would you change and which ones would you expand upon?



There was a movie with Robin Williams that had as its theme,

what if you had a rerun of your life and could see all the things

that you had done, good and bad throughout your lifetime up till

this time in your life?   What the movie dealt with were choices.




What if a chip was implanted in your brain when you were in your

infancy and then you were able to see a “rerun” of your life much

later in life?   By watching this rerun, would this allow you to make

better choices from this time on?  Or would you continue on down

the path you have always taken?  Perhaps you life has been a very

good one and all the choices you have made have been good ones,

(which I would doubt) or possibly there are choices that you might

like to change.



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The choice you make today will determine the next highlight reel

that you might be able to view.  There are certainly traps that we

seem to get into and might have to look at these with a closer eye.




1)Living for now, rather than looking into the future and

making some decisions based on what the future might hold.

Saving money at this time for events later on in life or choosing

a mentor to follow that has had the successes you would like.




2) Living for the acceptance of others rather than living a life that

is a good one and being who you are and not always being what you

feel others might think.   Standing on your own two feet and becoming

that leader that is inside of you.



3) Repeating other people’s results.    You can always learn from

other people’s mistakes, so you don’t have to experience the

same mistakes.



If we do what you have always been doing, we’ll get what

we have always gotten.  This is why in our choice making,

we need to look at the “reruns” of our life and decide if we

want to continue to repeat the same choices that we have

made or make new choices based on what we had done

right and other things that were not quite as good as

we could have made.



In our pursuit of the brass ring in our internet business, we

continue to make choices based on what we have learned and

what we have been told.   But too many times we have those

nagging thoughts and ideas that maybe, just maybe that

we can put some of our own ideas to work and then we wonder

what went wrong, especially early on in our marketing business.




Good mentors are going to help you get started and will do

most everything to help you through some rough periods

but are not going to hold your hand all the way through the

processes without you learning to stand up for yourself.




It reminds me of the last few days of watching two young Robins

learn to fly with their mother and father close by watching.  One

of the Young Robins was on our window sill and would fly to the

cover of our BBQ Grill and back and forth before he had enough

security in himself to fly off in another direction.  The parents

were there to help if needed but kept their distance watching

the young ones learn to fly.




This is where our choices have to made (especially if we want

to be successful in the long run) to follow our mentors and

leaders who have been successful.  Many times their successes

have come through trial and error and they, in turn, can hand

down to us the results of their efforts.  Why should we repeat

the same problems or choices, if they have already proven that

their way has worked?




Let our “reruns” in the future be the result of good choices

that we have made because we listened to our mentors

and their successes.




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David Wood and David Sharpe have both learned from the

trial and error school of hard knocks.   Today their mentorship

has allowed over 100,000 people to start their choice of making

it in the internet marketing arena and become successful because

these two guys went before us and made it happen.



Expect to get dinged here and there as you pursue your goal,

but like  wine that gets better with age, you get better when

you have failed a time or two and learned from the experience.

From the book Goals by Gary Ryan Blair




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