Silver – Is It A Good Investment?

In this day and age, we continue to look for that certain edge

that will give us the opportunity to invest in something that

will be lasting and concrete rather than continuing to lose it

value like the paper dollar.






This video with Robert Kiyosaki (Rich Man, Poor Man) allows us

to see why he is so supportive of buying silver.



The demise of the paper dollar and its continued diluting in value

by excessive printing by The Treasury Department, has led to the

dollar being worth less and less each time more dollars are

printed.  Why this is happening and why silver and gold continue

to become more valuable is a whole nother story.



The rest of the world powers continue to try to figure out how

to have the United States Dollars cease to be the currency

that the world trades in.  In other words, if a country wants

to buy some oil, they first have to change their money into

dollars before they can make the transaction.



The Chinese and some of the other leading countries would

like to have the dollar not be the world choice for making

transactions.  This would then make the dollar even less

valuable and would make the printing of the dollar a very

difficult situation for US Citizens because with the dollar

not being the currency that the world  trades, it would

become even less valuable and could push the US into

inflation or even hyper-inflation.



There are some very astute business figures and

many on wall street that feel that the US cannot

keep up its debt ceiling and continue to function

economically because when the dollar ceases to

be the world currency well – the dollar will be worth

next to nothing and that is another story.



In simple terms, silver is going to be much more valuable

and proportionately, it will rise in value faster than gold.



This is why it is important to think outside the dollar as

an investment for the future (even investments that are

essentially placed with the dollar are going to be worth

less)  and consequently your investments are going to be

worth less.  So what is the plan?  Why not have a simple

investment plan that allows you to buy (or even for free

if you are qualified) silver on a monthly basis and it continues

to add up over time.



We all plan on doing something for our future but the real effort

comes in actually doing it and doing it on a regular basis.  And by

doing it on a regular basis, it is much, much easier to do it then

to try to do it all at once.  Einstein has said that one of the true

wonders of the world is compound interest and that is exactly

what “this” allows you to do over time.




What do I mean by “this”?   I mean having a program or a way

in which you can on a regular basis, collect valuable silver and

for free if you qualify.  The cool thing about doing it on a regular

basis, you forget you even do this and it is done for you automatically

and you continue to get silver without having to lift a finger.



This program is one in which you build up a valuable asset

on a regular basis and you can even get involved with this

program and build up a valuable residual income.  I would

have to say that the residual income idea parallels even

compound interest as far as a real wonder of the world.



If you are at all interested in silver, you might even want to

try your luck at winning a silver coin worth over $100 as

this is the way this program advertizes instead of big ads

on expensive formats like the World Series.  CLICK HERE

if your interested in winning some valuable silver.



I think that we seem to pay little attention to our savings

as we are far more interested in our day to day situation.

But if you realize that doing it on a regular basis each month

you will more than likely not even notice it as an investment

that is until you see how easy it is to make the investment

and how quickly it accumulates.  And the cool thing about coins,

it is not taxed like it would be if it were just plain silver bullion.



“Focus on What you can do, not What you can’t do”

BJ Gallagher , in his book: The Power of Positive Doing.




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