Internet Marketing – Five Ways to Improve your Chances

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When we speak 0f internet marketing, we usually think

along the lines of advertising things on the computer to

get other people to buy things from us.  This then becomes

the issue – how do we go about having someone buy from

us rather than from some other source.



The whole philosophy of buying something on the internet

used to be, you find what you want and then you buy it from

the easiest source.  Nowadays things have changed especially

on the internet  because a new philosophy of buying is

much more sophisticated because it takes into consideration

the relationship between the buyer and the seller.




Mike Dillard is considered the father of attraction marketing

and his trials and tribulations are well documented  in the

annuals of internet marketing.  He was really the first

person in the internet marketing arena to actually describe

the need for a good relationship between buyer and seller.

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In other words, people are going to buy from you because

they like you and trust you because you have established

a good rapport with them.  In most any market, for instance

in a store, if you have received unusual service from a sales

person, you are more than likely to go out of your way to

buy from them again.




What do we mean by attraction marketing?   It simply means

that your are going to be attracted to another person if

they have treated you with understanding and respect and

even provided you with a lot of value in their communications

with you.  This does not mean in a romantic relationship but

rather one of respect.



Let’s look at some of the different ways that attraction

marketing can be a big plus in your internet marketing


1)People have a subconscious attraction to those who show

leadership  and have a high level of personal value.

2) You need to eventually become a leader and show value to others.



3) People join you, not a business.

4) Your state of mind determines a great deal of your success.

5) The business of internet marketing is 10% execution and

90% mental.



You could fill in the blanks with many more ideas and

necessary inclusions as to what is important in internet

marketing.  But the main understanding of the success

in internet marketing is one of attitude and how well you

incorporate your understanding of the mental approach.



Can you be taught this or is it part of your internal makeup

that just doesn’t seem to be changed?    There are

numerous individual cases where marketers have begun

their journey in marketing on the internet when they

had their own concepts on how they were going to do

the marketing.



After a period of time with very little being accomplished,

when these individuals decided there had to be a better

way, they began to understand the importance of

attraction  marketing concepts and by applying

these concepts, they became much more successful

and usually with a lot less effort.



Internet marketing can be a very lucrative business

and one that can be both satisfying and enjoyable.  It

is up to us as individuals to put our mindset into

the formula that allows us the atmosphere to be

thoroughly successful.



Make no little plans; They have no magic to stir

men’s blood and probably themselves will not

be realized.  Make big plans; aim high in hope

and work, remembering that a noble, logical

diagram once recorded will not die.

Daniel H. Burnham



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