Residual Income – What Really Is It?

When we hear the term Residual Income in reference to

internet marketing, what is it we are really thinking about?


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There are many definitions of residual or passive income but what

we are examining is in the internet marketing arena.  A true residual

income stream is providing ongoing income from a one-time effort.




Amway is probably the company that comes to mind as one of the

first companies that provided residual income as part of their

marketing efforts.  I am sure there were many other companies

that had and utilized these types of payment, but Amway is

probably the most famous.




Many people still have that taste in their mouth about being

introduced to Amway.  Someone, somewhere probably has

talked to you about Amway and either joining it or using

their products.  You can say whatever you want, but Amway

still is an amazing company that has been extremely





David Wood, a very successful entrepreneur in the internet

marketing field, will tell you point blank, that they have some

of the best learning material in the business still.  He even took

some of the ideas from his days with Amway to integrate with

his company, Empower Network.




Within internet marketing, residual income is one of the biggest

assets that you can receive from your work within an internet

marketing company.  This means that you enlist a person

to join your company and because of the compensation plan, you

can be paid for the efforts of this person and any other person

that you might enlist into your company.




Each compensation plan for each individual company might

be somewhat different, but in essence they all will pay you

for the efforts of your “downline” in one way or another.

Some plans are much more effective than others and it

might be wise to check this effectiveness if your are planning

on joining a particular company.




Leveraging of your time and efforts has a very powerful way

of helping you build residual income through most  internet

marketing companies.  Residual income has become a big

reason why people want to join an internet marketing company

but probably many individuals are not aware of this when

they begin their internet marketing career.




Compare the internet marketing residual income with a job

that pays an hourly wage or a salary.  When you work for

a company and get paid a salary, you will be paid either

weekly or monthly and if for some reason you are let go

or quit your job, you no longer receive a paycheck.  So in

other words, when you don’t work, you don’t get paid.




With an internet company and residual income, you may

work very hard during your first few years of getting

your business underway, but after you have built up

your business and have many individuals working with

you, then you begin to see the efforts of your leverage

and work begin to pay off in a big way.




There are many excellent companies that are almost

exclusively done on the internet and many people

have become very successful because they were able

to follow a well laid out system that allow an excellent

training process.  This means that anyone, anyone with

the desire, the purpose and determination plus a viable

plan can make a very comfortable living and have an

excellent residual income.




Many corporate professionals will have a program

set aside by their company to help plan their retirement

years.  There is hope that your investments will provide

enough interest paid to allow enough money to be available

so the principal of this money does not have to be touched.




Unfortunately, if the stock market tanks like it did a few years

back, then many individuals are caught in a plight that they

have to spend some of the principal money and might have

very little left if the market continued to have problems.




“The indispensable first step to getting the things you want

out of life is this: Decide what you want!.”

Ben Stein






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