Internet Marketing – What If I Can’t Do It?

Internet Marketing – What If I Can’t Do It?

What if I tried to do internet marketing and I found

that I just didn’t have the ability to do it or

really didn’t want to do it.




Tim Sales, one of the best MLM marketers that this

profession has ever seen and one of the most

successful marketers that has been in the MLM

business, utilizes this video to give you a

very down to earth message that is worth every

bit of your time watching it.  Tim Sales has

the amazing ability to allow you to understand

what marketing is all about and why you shouldn’t

give up because the future can be very bright.




Tim Sales is an ex-Navy underwater bomb squad technician but

started his MLM Business part time as he was still in the navy.

When he first began his business, he realized that there was

very little help or educational material available, so he did a lot

of his first marketing work from the seat of his pants.




Today, we have all kinds of excellent material available to us

when we involved ourselves in internet marketing.  When Tim

Sales first began, internet marketing really did not exist, as the

computer was more in it infancy for home use at that time.




The combination of Tim’s path of understanding and his

innate ability to work through his initial marketing, has

lead to some of our present environment of many good

companies that offer excellent training and leadership.




I am not saying at all, that there were no other leaders

and teachers in internet marketing, as there are many

at this stage but much of what is taught today is much

different than the old school of working with mainly

involving your family and friends.




The advent of attraction marketing and the understanding

that your efforts are more concentrated in the area of

relationships rather than the old school of hard selling.

People will work with you when they get to know you, like

you and then trust you.




The best way to look at internet marketing and how well it

comes into focus, is with an understanding of the basics of

what can be done and how can it be done without upsetting

our own ability to function in the internet marketing arena.




There are certain qualities of an internet company that

you have to look at to make a decision to want to be

part of that company.   There may be more than five

reasons but the main five areas that are important:

1) good leadership

2) good support from the leaders and the company

3) excellent training

4) a good system that can be duplicated

5) a good compensation plan




What if you can’t do it?   You are only limited by

your own concept of what you can and what you

cannot do.  Much of the training that is offered

by many of the good companies or programs

emphasize the need for attraction marketing.



What is attraction marketing?  It is the ability to

attract other people by offering them value

through your own experience and education.



“You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to

start to be great.”     Zig Zigler

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