Attraction Marketing – Two Excellent Ways To Excell In The Internet Marketing World

Attraction Marketing is the only way to go!

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When we begin our quest into the internet marketing world,

our first thought is where do we look and how do we look for

that perfect company that is going to help me get to the top.

(or at least make me some money) We all want to get to

the top of our company and make a lot of money, but don’t

forget there is a process that one needs to be aware of that

is called time tested work.



If anyone suggests that you can get involved with internet

marketing and start making a lot of money right away,

then someone is misleading you to a point of being somewhat





There is one company and their program that has allowed

many new beginners to make some money right out of the

gates and there might be others.   But the long term efforts

of most internet marketing companies have a learning

curve that is important to understand and be aware of.



Mike Dillard, who is considered the father of attraction

marketing in the internet marketing arena.  He himself,

realized that when he first began his venture into the

internet, he was not very good at trying to understand

what he needed to do to become successful.  He struggled

mightily at first until he decided to read and read more

about the psychology of attraction and and important

ways to understanding personal development.


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With these two ideas in hand (or mind) Mike Dillard decided

that these many ideas and many books gave him the

foundation to build a amazing success story in networking.



Mike Dillard felt that there were two important lessons he

learned from his delving into his educational process of

attraction marketing:

1) People have a subconscious attraction to others who

convey leadership qualities and have a high level of

personal value.

2) If you want to make it big in networking, you must

learn to convey those qualities, and eventually become

a leader with value to offer others.



He also felt very strongly that people do not join businesses,

they join you because of who you have become.



Dillard also felt that there were the two ways in which to excel

in the Internet Marketing World and it came down to these

two things:

1) Becoming a leader to others by increasing your value.

2) The ability to express your value to prospects through




You can take a look at the company that Mike Dillard

formed with attraction marketing as its premise as

it has been the beginning for many of the successful

marketers in the internet marketing arena.  His

COMPANY  (click here)  is Magnetic Sponsoring and

has been the gateway to many fine marketers in this




Oh, by the way, the company that I was talking about as far as

allowing new members to make a lot of many right out of the

gates just happens to be THIS COMPANY (click here)with a

very good track record right out of the gates.



“Realize the greatest rewards of this journey would be

found not in the wealth I acquired, but in the person

I discovered myself to be in the process.”

Robert Hollis from his book “How is that working”.






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