Thinking Big – More of Dr. Schwartz

Dr. Schwartz asks the question as to “What Determines How Much You’re Worth?”  And to partially answer this question he suggests that the world puts a price tag on us about the same as we put on ourselves.   To increase that price tag on ourselves,  he suggests using these practice adding value exercises: 1. Practice adding value to things.  2. Practice adding value to people.  And 3. Practice adding value to yourself.  These exercises can seem strange to do at first, but after a few weeks of actually taking part in them, you will find yourself looking at things, people and yourself in a different light and with very positive results.  Try it, you’ll really find a difference!

I found at first when I logged into the website of Empower Network, I wondered what I was watching.  When I took the time to thoroughly listen and absorb the message that they were sending, I realized just how their approach was genius.  You really need to log into their website and listen to the first message and then you should be intrigued enough to want to listen to more or the rest of what they offer.  They actually offer you a way to make $1000 a day without a lot of technical skills or advanced training in the use of a computer.  You feel like a member of a group that is very supportive and understanding of the ends and outs of marketing and the use of the internet.  Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe have put together a niche to find your way out of a financial hole or even to make money on a small scale or on a very large scale.  In a few shorts months, they have shown a lot of people how to make a lot of money and the future is still in its infancy.  They have just begun and there is no real reason why you cannot be part of this group and share the riches.  They show you how to put yourself in a financial upswing and allow you to pull yourself up to make money.  Their own personal lives are an example of what you can do if you really want it badly enough.  You owe it to yourself to check it out!


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