Mentoring – Main Cog In Internet Marketing

Mentoring –  A good reason for success in the

internet marketing arena.  Some entrepreneurs

can and have learned the whole process of doing

business on the internet, but it takes a great deal

of trial and error to learn the whole process on

your own.  Why not let someone mentor you?

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How does one find a mentor, especially when they

are brand new to internet marketing.  One of the

best ways is to go on the internet and see people

who have had success with companies and follow

them for awhile .




To find mentors, you can go on facebook, twitter, linkidin

or any of the social networks and follow some of the things

that are said and just continue to watch what they do and

how they do it.  Are they ones that truly have their team

members in mind and continue to add a lot of value to their


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Too many times on the social networks, people are more

concerned about what they had for breakfast rather than

adding to the value of their conversations.  There are usually

two different kinds of social pages that a good mentor will have

on the internet, one is for their social interactions and one is for

their business ideas and thoughts.  The business page is called

the Fan Page and it will usually deal with the mentors business

ideas and thoughts.  It is this page, the Fan Page that would

be best to follow a mentor and see how they interact and how

much value they add to their daily communications.




It usually doesn’t take long to find an entrepreneur that you

can align with and relate to.  One of the best mentors that I

have read about or heard on tape is a man by the name of

George Zalucki.  He was an athlete, a professor of psychology

and  a legend in the marketing arena.  He started before the

internet was used for marketing.




As a mentor, Mr. Zalucki was able to use his vast knowledge

of psychology as well as his practical approach as his foundation

for teaching his team members.  He was a master at attraction

marketing before it became popular in internet marketing.




When Mr. Zalucki was in athletics, he realized that some

coaches had a much better grasp of their teams and could

relate to their teams much better than others.  He never

lost that feeling and it was probably one of the main reasons

that he went into the field of psychology.




Some of the introspections that Mr. Zalucki realized, one of

them was the fact that he had to really look at himself, and

have a need to work on his own self development.  He had

to come to grips with his own inner nature, to become

honest with himself as to what his strong points were and

also what his weak points happened to be.




Three things that we all need to work on as far

as becoming, not only a better person, but a better

internet marketer.

1) Having a good mentor

2) Working on personal development

3) Helping others should be a big priority




Mr. Zalucki has had such a big effect on me as well as

many other internet marketers, I will continue

communicating about some of the thoughts and ideas

that he resonates with him in future blogs.




If you have any questions at all, please send me an

email or call me, and I will be glad to answer what ever

questions I can.    Email me at   [email protected]  or

call me at 734-672-7070

Looking forward to your success!




You can have everything in life you want,

if you will just help other people get what

they want!”

Zig Zigler










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