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Mentoring – is one of the most important aspect of

learning how to market on the internet,  let alone

any other area of business.  There are many mentors

on the internet that have done their due diligence by

trial and error.



It would make a whole lot more sense if when you are

just beginning the process of marketing on the internet,

that you had a teacher or mentor  that had already been

through the trial and error process and could make your

introduction into marketing much easier and quicker.



One of the most experienced mentors that I have been

fortunate enough to have been involved with, was

George Zalucki and this is a follow through from my

last blog.  I wanted to expand on my experiences

from listening to Mr. Zalucki.

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He wrote a book, “Network Marketing – Straight talk”

that has been a classic in the marketing business as it

contains no fluff and all substance.  He tells it like it is,

what you need to do to become successful in the

internet marketing arena.





He was an athlete, a psychologist, and a marketing genius

that  allowed many of his students in the marketing business

to understand the best way to utilized a proper approach.



To review from the last blog post, Mr. Zalucki realized that

much of his education, especially in the area of psychology

and marketing, he had to do a lot of looking at himself and

start changing some of his ideas and thoughts.



He had to look at his inner self and understand that to

progress he needed to get rid of much of his negative

thoughts and ideas so he could be much more at peace

with himself.



Then, in turn, he could pass this understanding of

introspection onto the students in internet marketing

that he was mentoring.

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His understanding of the psychology of the inner self

and how it works, is very understandable and can be

applied by all of us in internet marketing.  His real

ability to mentor was not only his demeanor but his

ability to have you understand the workings of the

mind along with the conscious and subconscious.



Now don’t get bent all out of shape and say that’s  too

much mumbo jumbo.  He has the undeniable ability

to have you understand exactly what he is talking about,

whether you are a high school dropout or even a PhD.



He put out a tape, “Profiles of a Champion” (at the time,

which is now a CD) that has been used by members of

Parliament, by many couples who needed help as well

as many marketers who were blown away by his message.



He mentoring ability was outstanding which was

shown by the extreme success that he personally had

in the marketing arena.  His combination of psychology

and marketing was a union made in heaven and this

combination helped many entrepreneurs at the time

and continues to help all of us to this day.



George Zalucki is retired now but his legacy lives

on with his book and his CDs and an interview

every once in a while.  He is one of those special

people who has allowed his information to be

preserved and given to us to learn and enjoy.



This is why I feel strongly that his presence as

well as his legacy is “THE SUPER DELUXE SIZE!”

Mentors like this don’t come around all the time,

but there are some very good mentors within the

internet marketing arena.  You just have to look

for them by checking out the familiar social networks

as well as marketing companies on the internet.



Thanks for visiting my blog post and taking the time

to look it over.  Please give me some feedback or

what you think about the message.  You can email

me at [email protected] or call at:

734-672-7070    If I am not available right away

please leave me a message and I will call you back

as quickly as possible.



“Change is Inevitable – Growth is Optional”

Gary Ryan Blair – from his book GOALS –

The 10 rules for achieving success.









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