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When  someone  is thinking of internet

marketing and how to begin and what to

do next, it can be a big dilemma.  How

do you begin and what do you begin with?

What are some of the strategies that you

might use or how does internet marketing

become easier by using certain tools?




Nancy Duarte in her book “Resonate: Present

Visual Stories that Transform Audiences”

suggests that you think of something inside

of you that rings true.  Find common ground

what is a “walk in their shoes” like?

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Your audience, whether it be on stage,

blogging or emailing, needs to see that

you care.  One of the best qualities is

empathy.  What is it that allows your

story to be empathetic.




You need to find common ground, some

shared belief, some shared visions.  Try

to get into their heads and speak from





Many people are comfortable with their

status quo, so how are you going to get

within their heads and make a difference.

What strategies are you going to use?


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A suggestion is to get in bed with them

(figuratively not physically) and trying

to figure out their worries, their aspirations.

What are they worried about, what are

their dreams and desires?  You can then

communicate with them.


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Much of what we communicate is

analytical in nature, so the best way to

get your points across is to wrap it in

a sugar coating.




This is where story telling comes into

play.  Wrap it in something that is full

of heart and warmth – sugar coat it!




The key to any story, it must have to be

effective.  It has to have some sort of

transformation.  It has to have a hero

and a protagonist (a champion).




By the middle of the story (it doesn’t have to

be long) you are all rooting for him/her to

get the girl/boy.  Then by the end of the

story he/she is transformed.  As a listener

or reader, you are physically involved with

the whole story.  (The pupil of your eyes

will tell when you are involved).




Now this doesn’t mean you have to be a

great story teller, but you will be amazed

at how quickly you can become a better

communicator but just following a few





The great communicators, the great speakers

have created a sense of tension and then relief

by transforming between the gap – what is and

what could be.  The hope of the future becomes

more alluring.




The real difference between a good presentation

and one that is not as good is planning.    You need

to have a unique point of view, a transformation

in which you want your audience to go there,




Establish what your big idea is – what is

important to get your idea or ideas

across and how will your audience process

the information.  Build and structure your

communication as to what your audience

really cares about.




Establish what is and then go for the

what could be.  Make sure you make

the audience the hero, not you the

presenter.  The presenter puts an

idea out there for the audience to

contend with.




The audience is the most important

person in the arena or in the blog

or the email.   You are there to help

them along with their journey.




You, as the presenter, are in essence

a mentor, one who helps the audience

with an insight to get unstuck.  Obviously

this also applies to blogging or emailing.




Some very good examples of good story

tellers are Steve Jobs and Martin Luther

King.  One has to also realize that Steve

Jobs sometimes would spend up to 6

weeks before he might have made some

of his biggest speeches or presentations.




He was well prepared and that is exactly

what you need to do.  Not six weeks,

but the important thing is that when

you blog or email, that you need to be

prepared to do some research and

searching to be prepared.




Some people might be able to write

or speak right out of the gates, but

that certainly wasn’t and isn’t my

forte and probably isn’t for most





In review:

1. Have empathy

2. Walk in their shoes mentality

3. Find common ground

4. Wrap your words in candy coated

5. Story telling and effective

6. Transformational story

7. Planning your story telling

8. Be a mentor – helping them on their journey




Internet Marketing does and always will have

strategies but it is how you developed them

and how you use them that will determine

your success.














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