Success In Internet Marketing – A Few Tidbits

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Success in the internet marketing arena many times

is dependent on being seen and being seen in a manner

of “how can I or how can we help” to the public.  People

want to know how your product or how you can help

them achieve their goals.  They are not as interested

in what you accomplished unless it relates to their own





This is certainly not aimed at discrediting you but

rather they want to know how you can solve their

predicament and it does help if you have had some

experience and success in internet marketing.




Companies in the brick and mortar business have

tried to transition into the internet marketing online

business and at first tried to use their old ways of

advertising and it just didn’t seem to work.




Whether or not you are discussing off line marketing

or online marketing, there is a lot of noise out there!

So one has to try to get the attention of those buying

or looking for that opportunity.  Getting someone’s

attention usually means being personable and writing

about what’s out there for them, rather than writing

about yourself.




It is better to give your readers or listeners an idea of

what you have that will arm them for success rather

than tell them why you are important and what you

have done.  Don’t get me wrong, it is important for those

to know that you have had success and how you have

become successful but the main emphasis should be on

what you can do to solve their problems.



People will work with you on the internet, when they

get to know you, like you and trust you.  This is the

paramount idea with one of the key ingredients to

attraction marketing.

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It is important for a company to have a website but it

is just as important for a company to pay attention to

what people want.  A good example is telling your audience

that your place of business has that extra touch, that

extra something so you standout in the crowded internet





More and more people begin their search for something

on the internet.  If you and your company can stand out

by that extra something, like explaining or showing why

your books or your garden hoses are the best on the market,

then people will flock to your website.




It used to be that 80% of people looking for a new home

started their search on the internet.  I am sure that this

number has increased by now.  Google used to be a noun

but it is also a verb as when someone suggests “why don’t

you Google that”.

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Even if the products are not online, your buyers are

going to be online.  The boomer generation is now online

much more mainly because of the tablets that are

available.  Many times, the smallness of the cell phone’s

view doesn’t allow a boomer to see the screen nearly

as well or as easily.

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People want to be engaged by the internet and that is

why it is important to have your picture associated with

your website or the advertising.  That is why facebook

has your picture or your profile picture on your page.

People can feel in association with you when they see

your familiar face.  Some people only put a silhouette

on their page but people cannot associate with this type

of display quite as easily.



People want to be engaged by hearing their

own name, even on the internet, it is easier to see

your own name than any other name displayed.




Some things to think about concerning the use of the

internet to engage people:

1. Relate to people, don’t try to sell

2. Getting the attention by standing out in the crowd

3. Be personable and engaging

4. Tell them what you can do for them

5. Having a website that is engaging and friendly

6. Branding your website with your picture, not just a silhouette.




 “Don’t be shackled by other people’s expectations.”

Psychologist Daniel Pink


If you agree or don’t agree, please give me

some feedback at to how you feel.  It is important

to me to understand all the factors in your

questions or ideas.  We are in this great profession








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