Internet Marketing – The Missing Word – ACTION

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Action seems to be the operative word

when it comes to success in the internet marketing arena.    Too many

time we get in the mode of ready, set and forget the go!




There are many successful entrepreneurs that will tell you

that the first point of action needs to be setting a goal.   In fact

David Wood, one of the founders of Empower Network, will

tell you point blank, that setting a clear intention for your

outcome is necessary and then taking ACTION, even before

you might have all your pieces of the puzzle in place.




In fact, David Wood has in large, clear letters in the

15K Formula (one of the excellent programs within EN)

the words: TAKE ACTION!




Taking ACTION is one of the key factors

that Ray Higdon suggests.  He says that being a top earner

in your company should be a major focus to create freedom

and a better lifestyle for you and your family.




Setting Goals and putting them into ACTION is  certainly

one of the most important undertakings that you will have

when you are involved with an internet marketing program

or company.




There are certain guidelines that need to be put into action

for you to accomplish the goals that you have set forth.  Here

are a series of steps that need to be carried out for you to

become that successful marketer.  Each successful entrepreneur

might have a little different variation, with additions to this

list but these are essentially the major ones that need to be

understood and taken action with.

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1) Finding and having a good mentor is  essential, especially

when most individuals are in the beginning stages of

understanding the processes that are necessary to become

that successful marketer.


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2) Having a routine during your daily activities is extremely

important, whether your are full time or far more important

if you are part time in your business.  It is too easy to get on

the social networks and watch the time fly by without much


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3) Have the proper mindset.  This is probably the area

in internet marketing that people at first, pay little attention

to but it is also the area that most of us probably need to pay

the biggest attention to because of it’s importance.  Internet

marketing is a people business and a relationship business,

so mindset and how you relate to other people is of paramount


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4)Having a system that is easily duplicated.   There is a need

for a system that has been set up so that members can understand

it and put into action without a lot of difficult or technical instructions.

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5) Having thick skin at times.  Not everyone is going to enjoy

or like you for what you do.  Most don’t understand what you do

and there will always be nay sayers, so it is important to realize

this from the beginning and learn to ride with each situation.




6) Learn to tell your story or one of your up line stories.

Learn to tell the success story that you have or at first use

the stories of one of your successful mentors.  People love to

hear the rags to riches stories and to realize that they also

can become that successful person in the internet marketing




The indispensable first step to getting things you want

out of life is this: Decide what you want.”

Ben Stein



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out of the message, please let me know as I would appreciate

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