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A Mentor is probably one of the most

important aspects for the beginning stages of your being online and

marketing your program or business.   When you are just beginning

your venture into the internet marketing arena, having someone show

you the ropes that has already been there , done that but also one who

has had success in the their internet business.


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Mentoring should be considered one of the

most important, if not the most important part of your decision

making when you are entering into your business.  Is the company

with your mentor, the best fit for you as well as the person with

whom you are thinking of hooking up with?



There are certain steps that are necessary for you to get the most

out of having a mentor and working with a mentor.  Don’t rush into

making a decision as to whom you want to work with and why.  There

are some very good mentors in the internet marketing business and

it is up to you to find the one that would be a great fit for you.



Look at many of the top programs that are out there (and there

are plenty of them and it can be somewhat overwhelming) but

taking the time to look over all the programs and the successful

entrepreneurs within them, it will pay off to you in the long run.

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1) What are your goals?  What do you want to learn from a top

teacher and what kind of traits would you want in a mentor?

Are you looking for a good mentor that will give you a pathway

in which to walk but not tell you the whole process but one that

will allow you to find your own way?


2) Look for possible individuals who might fit your idea of a good

mentor.  Make sure your have a full understanding of what you

expect of him/her but just importantly, what they expect from

and of you.  This relationship has to work for both sides.   A lot

of process might just be the company that the mentor is with and

how that company aligns with your ideas.



4) A good mentorship need to have an open discussion from both

sides.  Having open and frank feedback is important on both sides.

Make sure that before you join a company, that not only the coompany

but the person you are joining is the right fit for you.



It is too easy to jump right into a company and then realize that

there might be other mentors that would be a better fit for you.

Don’t jump the gun until you have done your due diligence.



5) Having a open mind to learning the essences of a good mind set!

Almost every good mentor will have a portion of their learning

process dedicated to increasing your mind set.  This simply means

having a mind that allows you to work on your own positive mind

set and your relationships with other people.


One of the main ideas of learning a good mind set is realizing

that people will join YOU, not necessarily your company.

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6)Have a routine set up that will allow you to become more

efficient with your daily procedures.  In other words, have a

schedule set up that will allow you to work through your day

with certain prearranged assignments that you have set out

for yourself.

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7) Have a simply system set up that allows you to be able

to duplicate this system and be able to pass it on to your


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8) Be able to have thick skin that allows you to not be

worried about each prospect outcome.  There will be

plenty of people who will be interested in your company

or program as to not be hung up on a few people who

just are not ready to join you.



9) Just be ready to join your company’s outings, where ever

that might be, as this is one of the major places that you can

meet up with other like minded entrepreneurs and learn a

great deal from others in the company.



A Good Mentor is truly one that can give you that head

start into the best arena that you have picked for yourself.

Sometimes you have to decide: is it the company, the product

or the mentor or a combination of all of them.



Change your ways of thinking and acting and being in the world

and your life and circumstances will inevitably change as well. 

But you will never really change your life by focusing on your


Robert Hollis in his book: “How is that working?”



Please let me know what you think and share this with your friends.

If you have any questions, please let me know.   You can reach me

at: [email protected] or call me at: 1-734-645-7762.

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