Empower Network – The Power of Excitement!

Empower Network – The Power of Excitement!


This is a video with one of the co-founders

of Empower Network, David Wood. He along

with David Sharpe and 28 other excited marketers,

had a dream to begin a quest for this company that

would essentially give you the core ideas and materials

in which to succeed in a home based business. Dave and Dave

had been successful in a previous venture and just wanted

to be able to pass it on to others – and that is what they did.




On October 31, 2011 in a warm, packed hotel

room in Orlando, these people started with a

dream and a lot of hope to put together an

internet company that would allow you to

collect 100% commissions, give you the ideas

and material to become successful in a true

home based business.




Nine months later, this company paid out over

10 million dollars to its members and its membership

reached over 40,000. They had a dream but never

realized that they would grow this fast and so successfully

in such a short period of time. They grew so fast that

some of the companies working with them to handle the

payments could not keep up with them. So, instead of

giving up and trying to contact and work with other

companies, they decided to form their own company

to handle the money.




This is they type of dream and the type of company

that I wanted to work with and become successful

right along with them. I had a dream that I wanted

to live a life of freedom, be my own boss and work

when I wanted to and make the kind of money that

I knew was possible. Many of us have to look outside

of our comfort zone and work along side these members

that had this dream. Pretty soon you find yourself very

comfortable in your new found zone and realize that this

home based business is just what your were looking for

with its comfortable setting and the money ain’t bad either.




The Empower Network members have a facebook group that

is a destination of sharing and learning as well as a place to have

your questions answered. No question within this group is

considered stupid or not relevant, as we all started at the beginning

with our own questions. The membership is one of sharing

and understanding because we all are looking for the same successful

results. The feeling of camaraderie is there and awake because everyone

within the group would like everyone else to succeed just like they are.




Just give yourself a look and then you will realize what a great opportunity

in which to make that move to independence and a fuller life than you

can imagine. Just do it!

Empower Network – The Power of Excitement!

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